Couch Potato? Plush Up With These Handmade Designer Cushions

You can NEVER have too many cushions

By Guest Styler | 30th March 2021

When fashion and interiors collide, the result can be truly special. This was certainly the case for Jampak Soft Furnishings founder and designer, Anastasia Anthony, whose impressive career of 35 years began in London. From her formative years as a fashion designer to finding her niche crafting exquisite soft furnishings here in Brisbane, Anastasia’s passion for sourcing fine fabrics has never wavered.

Working with high-quality fabrics in various textures and tones comes naturally to this Brisbane designer, so when she began furnishing and styling her own home, she found herself gravitating towards a similar look and feel to fashion. When it comes to styling a room, her business ethos of surrounding yourself with all the things you love is always adhered to with a few simple rules: “I always start with a neutral palette in my furniture, then introduce scatter cushions to complement the room, finishing with a throw to soften it,” Anastasia says. Jampak Soft Furnishings pride themselves on their “beautiful quality fabrics and intricate workmanship” to ensure every piece you take home is crafted to last – not only over time but also transcending the trends!

Speaking of trends, there is one style of home that Anastasia feels will never go out of style and that is the Hamptons look, though she does admit to loving large watercolour florals for character and warm textured fabrics like velvet for the cooler months. Whatever your home style, the experienced team at Jampak Soft Furnishings can assist you in piecing together a space that makes you feel truly happy. Specialising in handmade-to-order custom designs to give homes that bespoke look, Anastasia also sources unique fabrics to bring client’s visions to life – feast your eyes on the suite of snaps on @jampakstudio to see! And when asked “how many cushions are too many?” her answer is simple – “I suppose when there’s no room left on the couch!”





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