How to make your own dreamcatcher

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreamcatchers.

By Craft Consultant Judy Newman | 18th March 2016

The original dreamcatchers were created by Native American people for newborn children. Hanging the ornament over a child’s cradleboard was said to give infants peaceful, beautiful dreams, while catching and trapping the more complex bad dreams in the web.
These days, we embrace the original, sacred purpose and meaning of dreamcatchers while appreciating the aesthetic they can bring to our bedroom décor.

If you’re interested in a dreamcatcher for yourself or someone special in your life, add a personal touch with these helpful tips from craft consultant Judy Newman ahead of Brisbane’s Stitches & Craft Show from March 17 to 20.


What you’ll need:
An embroidery hoop
Cotton tape or thin braid
A crochet doily slightly smaller than the hoop
A needle and some thick cotton thread
A few beads (with a large hole)
Strips of ribbon, braid, lace or torn fabric
1.    Take the hoop apart and wrap cotton tape or braid around the inside hoop, securing it at end with a dot of glue.
2.    Lay the doily in the centre of the inside hoop.
3.    Using your needle and thick thread, make a few sturdy stitches in the outer edge.
4.    Take the thread over the hoop, wrap it around once and stitch back into the doily.
5.    Stitch the doily all around the hoop in this way, pulling the thread taut so the doily is slightly stretched inside the hoop.
6.    Take the outer hoop and knot strips of lace, ribbon, thread, vintage braid, fabric or cord along the bottom edge of the hoop.
7.    Gather your selection of beads and buttons and thread them onto the ends of the strips, knotting them in place. In this dreamcatcher, vintage buckles and silk flowers have also been attached.
8.    Once your doily is in position, place the outer hoop over the inner hoop and tighten the screw. Position the screw at the top.
9.    Hang your dream catcher by the screw at the top, and you’re done. Sweet dreams!

For a no-sew version: use a doily slightly larger than the hoop, and secure it between the two hoops, after the outer one is decorated with fabric strips.

Head to the Stitches & Craft Show for dreamcatcher supplies, including embroidery hoops, laces, ribbons, unique fabrics, vintage textiles and weaving supplies. Plus, you’ll meet heaps of people who can help you out with workshops, demonstrations and studio classes.





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