Tossing And Turning? Try These Natural Solutions For A Better Sleep

Sleep masks on. Time to catch some z’s!

By Guest Styler | 28th April 2021

When was the last time you woke up feeling refreshed and alert, ready to take on the day? Or fell asleep with complete ease?

If you’re nodding off just after reading those questions, then you’re probably someone who could use some good catching up on the z’s.

The demands of our daily lives mean we’re desperately trying to squeeze more into our 24-hour window, but at a cost to our nightly slumber. According to a 2019 report by the Sleep Health Foundation, a staggering 69% of adult Australians are affected by sleep disorder symptoms which are impacting their ability to live a healthy life.

With so many of us having to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning because we haven’t gotten enough good-quality sleep at night, Australian latex mattress company, Peacelily, has made it their mission to provide blissful sleep for better health.

Still struggling to get your beauty sleep? Style teamed up with these sleep wizards to compile a list of nine natural solutions to help you get your full eight hours.

Your mattress matters!

You wouldn’t hike a mountain without the right gear and yet, many don’t seem to have the same mindset when it comes to sleeping. The wrong mattress, or one that’s aged too much, can be the cause of more than a kink in your neck. Peacelily mattresses are made from 100% top-quality rubber latex hand tapped from rubber trees. Premium GOTS 100% certified organic cotton fabric and wadding are used to encase the latex core. So really, you’re getting a mattress that’s great for your health and the environment!

…and so does a topper!

Let’s add layers to your mattress knowledge (literally). What exactly is a mattress topper? It’s a removable layer that sits on top of a mattress to provide extra cushioning and support. They can be made of a range of different materials, such as cotton and polyester, latex, wool, and feather. Made with the same superb quality latex and organic cotton as the mattress, the Peacelily Mattress Topper is a game changer. The Plush variant adds a luxe comfort cuddle so good that you won’t want to leave your bed. The Firm Topper creates the support you need for uninterrupted sleep. So, whichever your choice, it perfectly complements the Peacelily Mattress along with a solid bed base. By adding the Peacelily Adjustable Bed base to your ensemble, you get to enjoy features like nine massage modes, full adjustability and made from natural and organic materials. You’ll definitely get the best night’s rest with this super luxurious, but affordable and healthy sleep set.

Sniff your way to a good sleep

Did you know there are certain smells that can help you fall asleep? The Sleep Foundation finds that fragrances such as jasmine, lavender and cedar extract can help create an environment that is more conducive to falling asleep and staying asleep. Keep your eyes peeled for a new lavender scent spray by Peacelily, soon to be released! With multiple published research studies on how lavender has calming effects, we already know this spray will have us feeling majorly fresh in the morning.

Houseplant addicts, rejoice!

Did you know some houseplants are effective at filtering out pollutants and toxic chemicals in the air? A few big-gun researchers at NASA conducted a Clean Air Study to find the best ways to clean the air in space stations. Their study found that a select few of plants are effective at removing nasties, such as ammonia, benzene, and formaldehyde, which have been linked in health effects like headaches and eye irritation. You can choose from a variety of indoor plants that actually look good, like the Spathiphyllum or Peace Lily.

Your new best friend: a sleep schedule

Do you got to bed at 9pm one night and 11pm the next? Maintaining a regular sleep pattern is your ticket to achieving the sleep of your dreams. Go to bed and wake up at the same every day. Yes, even on weekends! This consistency helps your body become more adjusted to a routine, so it will expect you to fall asleep at this same time.

Put ya phone away!

Endlessly scrolling on Insta with Netflix on in the background, all while lying in bed like a lifeless potato is just about everyone’s typical night routine. But according to the Sleep Foundation, checking your phone stimulates your brain so you end up feeling more active and awake. Do your body and mind a favour and switch off all electronics.

Inhale and exhale, but better

Whatever you think you know about meditation, whether that includes everything from sitting cross-legged on a Tree of Life rug and deep breathing in silence – forget it all! There are plenty of misconceptions about meditation that don’t capture its real benefits. Frequent meditation can decrease stress, improve concentration, lower blood pressure, and reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, all helping you sleep better. The beautiful thing about meditation is that it can be done anywhere, anytime and doesn’t require any equipment.

Sip that tea

Chamomile, green, earl grey, ginger – whichever tea is your fave, make sure to have a cuppa before bed! A hot drink can help your body relax and set you up for a restful sleep. So, why not have a cup before you hit the hay?

Know the right foods

A jolt after a cup of coffee, or a crash and burn after a Christmas feast – most of us have experienced how food and drinks can affect our energy levels (along with our waistlines). While there’s no single food guaranteed to help you fall asleep, there are some that make it easier! Enter: tryptophan. This amino acid makes proteins and other important molecules in your body, including some that are vital for optimal sleep. The best part? It’s found in everyday foods, including nuts and seeds, oats, cheese, bread, fruits, chicken, chocolate (heck yeah), and more.

Whether you decide to try out one or all of these tips, these natural solutions are a great start to finally getting the best night’s sleep that you deserve!





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