Pisces Horoscope Predictions 2021

What do the stars have in store for you!

By Astrid Taemets | 18th February 2021

You are the dreamiest star sign in the zodiac, with an abundance for compassion and kindness. You’re a deeply psychic and empathic sign, and this year, you’ll thrive on exchanging ideas and energy with others.

As the sign of the fish, you know how to move with the tides, however the current can sometimes pull you in the wrong direction – keep your wits about you!

This year, come out of your fishbowl and network in the way you used to, before the nightmare that was 2020! Expect major changes when it comes to your relationships, as the boundary between friendship and love may overlap. Is it time to reveal your true feelings? Don’t be afraid to follow your heart.

You may notice more professional opportunities arise – say yes to those that feel right! With a sensible mind and some motivation, you’ll make moves this year that will change aspects of your life in ways you never considered. Enjoy the year Pisces – it’s a wild ride!


Born: February 20, 1988

Drew Barrymore

Born: February 22, 1975

Emily Blunt

Born: February 23, 1983

Dakota Fanning

Born: February 23,1994

Lupita Nyong’o

Born: March 1, 1983


Justin Bieber

Born: March 1, 1994

Daniel Craig

Born: March 2, 1968

Rebel Wilson

Born: March 2, 1980

Jon Bon Jovi

Born: March 2, 1962 

Jessica Biel

Born: March 3, 1982

James Van Der Beek

Born: March 8, 1977 

Olivia Wilde

Born: March 10, 1984

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