In Review: Queensland Theatre’s Latest Play, Gaslight


By Stamatina Notaras | 26th February 2024

Breathing new life into Patrick Hamilton’s famous 1938 psychological thriller set against the backdrop of old-world London, the Queensland Theatre’s modern adaptation of ‘Gaslight’ playing at QPAC shines a revealing light on themes still hauntingly relevant in our modern society. Director Lee Lewis delicately treads challenging subject matters with sensitivity, yet ensures to shine a light on issues that generally stay between four walls.  

With a trip to the theatre comes pre-show dinner and drinks, so with our tickets in hand, we made our way to Bar Rosa for some burrata and sauvignon blanc sips. While familiar with the concept of ‘Gaslight’, we were still unsure what to expect. But with the show being one of the most talked about performances of 2024, premiering at QPAC’s Playhouse theatre before jet-setting into a national tour, we were certainly intrigued.

This psychological thriller saw a cast of stars that took to the stage like one might their living room – comfortable and right at home. The leading man fronted by Boy Swallows Universe actor Toby Schmitz, not only took the leading lady Bella, played by Geraldine Hakewill, on a journey where she tethered the line between feeling crazy and sane, but us too! Yet,  just as we felt unease with her, we were there to champion her on her journey to self-empowerment. 

Without giving away any spoilers, suffice to say, gasps, expletives (courtesy of the audience), and snides between neighbouring theatre-goers sharing a sense of frustration filled the room from the opening scene to curtain close.

Possessing everything that a play promises to be from emotionally charged to having strong character development, it’s no shock that ‘Gaslight’ is having its second coming.

By Stamatina Notaras Caffeinated and chaotic, our resident Greek goddess Stamatina is often heard before she is seen.



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