Backyard Goals: Here’s How To Turn Your Yard Into A Luxe Oasis

Kick back

By Tracy Sinclair | 12th February 2024

The key to my heart is simple: champagne, hot chips, and a seat outside with a good view. That’s why I’m all about turning my home into a veritable island paradise, with the help of Remarkable Outdoor Living.

My outdoor space needs to be somewhere I can comfortably fit my growing family while capturing the barefoot luxury of a contemporary resort destination. Here in the Sunshine State, we’re able to kick back outside all year round, so finding that balance between style and comfort is integral. 

While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to outdoor styling, I consider pieces that complement my indoor space and lifestyle to maximise livability. A chic outdoor lounge setting is a must for summer entertaining – especially when placed around a minimalist firepit for those balmy nights. I also like a simple coffee table on hand, perfect for popping down the oysters during a Sunday sesh. 

Below, discover my styling tips to transform your outdoor space into a luxe oasis with Remarkable Outdoor Living:

Start with a functional centrepiece

Why bother going into all the effort of styling your outdoor space if you can’t use it? I always start with a versatile focal point – whether it be a sleek coffee table or firepit. This creates a central gathering point that I can build around, while maximising functionality. Just like you would build a floor plan for your interiors, a little thought goes a long way in designing a premium outdoor space.

Include a variety of seating options

From dining chairs for entertaining my crew to a plush lounge that I basically live in when I get my hands on a good book, seating is key! Having variation creates different zones in your outdoor space that can make even a compact backyard feel like a hosting playground. Plus, when the kids, siblings, grandkids, and cousins are in town, you’ll find us pulling up a bench, stool, and sofa to cater for the family affair.

Add curated accents for visual appeal

Even though the view will always be the main character of my outdoor space, I complement Mother Nature with handpicked accessories and a tailored colour palette. Your choice of decor will add dynamism and interest, while also helping your backyard look cohesive. For me, that looks like patterned throw pillows and statement lighting.


Ready to call your dream outdoor sanctuary home? Find perfect and high-quality additions to your space by exploring the extensive range at Remarkable Outdoor Living here.

By Tracy Sinclair Powered by tea and hot chips, the Kiwi-born livewire is at the helm of Style killing the game, always dressed in fashion-forward ‘fits.




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