The Christmas Movies To Dive Into This Silly Season Streaming On Netflix

The Christmas Movies To Dive Into This Silly Season Streaming On Netflix

It’s the most wonderful time of the yearrrrrrr

By Guest Styler | 18th December 2019

There's no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than a festive flick. Not just for the kids, a seasonal movie sesh can bring about a bit of nostalgia and get you excited for old mate to come down the chimney. Great in the lead up to Christmas Eve or a new tradition to introduce, thanks to Netflix, a plethora of flicks are now available at the click of a button. Yes, The Grinch is a no-brainer, but maybe it's time to explore a fresher flick? Forget the normal Netflix and chill, this is Christmix and chill.

Here's our round-up of what to watch this Christmas!

Let It Snow

If you’re up for an absolute feel-good Christmas film then Let It Snow ticks all the right boxes. Following a bunch of teens in a small town on the eve of Christmas, this movie highlights the ups and downs of modern teenage lives including dealing with the sickness of a loved one, throwing a forbidden party, high school breakups, and of course the all time favourite - love triangles. All unravelling the day before Christmas, this movie has it all (including lots of pretty snow) and shows important morals too! All in all this is a very wholesome film and a must add to your holiday movie list.

The Knight Before Christmas 

Is it even Christmas without a corny and lame flick? Vanessa Hudgens might just be the ultimate Christmas female lead, ever. Starring in the Princess Switch just last year and now in The Knight Before Christmas, we will certainly be expecting another snowy Christmas gem in 2020, Ness! Never a letdown with the amount of cheesy scenes, this one is a great watch if you’re up to investing in a predictable romance movie with a pinch of Christmas and a dash of shining knights in armour (literally). Without spoiling too much, it’s basically a 1300’s knight meets 2019 modern-day gal.

The Princess Switch                     

Speaking of Vanessa, this one follows two identical strangers who switch places, one being a princess and the other a mere every-dayer. As the princess of the two wants to experience a normal life for a couple of days before her arranged marriage to the Prince, her identical other travels from Chicago for a baking competition with her best guy friend. The two swap and the love triangles begin. A little cheesy but aren’t those always the best?


Obviously, this is on our list. An absolute masterpiece and must-watch for every Christmas season! Full of Will Farrell-isms, this delivers comedy, romance, Christmas carols, the North Pole, and countless picturesque scenes of New York City – everything you need for a dreamy, festive flick. The most magical time of the year is certainly captured through this movie making you wish you were spending this years Christmas in The Big Apple. 

Four Christmases 

Ever wanted to run away from the pressure of Christmas and the run-around trying to see all sides of the family? Well, Vince Vaughan and Reese Witherspoon’s characters in Four Christmases attempt to do just that. A well-written rom-com based on navigating four families and the stress of Christmas day takes a toll on the couple's relationship and shows the ups and downs of distant families uniting.

Daddy’s Home 2 

Even if you haven’t watched the first Daddy’s Home you can still watch the second film and get the gist of it quick enough! With both families joined at the hip on holiday for Christmas, it shows the two extended families sharing the festive season together with competition stirring up between both dads after their fathers come to town and shake things up. Showing a hilarious and hectic holiday this film will have everyone in stitches!

Office Christmas Party

If you’re up for a laugh instead of your regular cheesy Christmas movie then this is the one for you. With the main character’s Chicago branch in the firing line of closing down, the CEO (aka the branch owner’s sister) gives the employees of an ultimatum of seeking out a sought after client for the company or they’ll lose their jobs. To impress the client the characters must throw the greatest, wildest and thrilling Christmas party in Chicago where they all chip in and go to great extremes where things get a little out of hand. So grab the popcorn and get ready for a few crazy and amusing hours ahead!


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Article by Guest Styler

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