Brisbane’s Best People Watching Places

Glance at your own discretion.

By Kim Trinh | 24th March 2017

I’m guilty of it, and I’m pretty sure you are too. It’s Sunday night, you’ve ordered your drinks, you’ve found the perfect seat, and suddenly your meal has become a discreet exercise of observation skills, aka people watching.

“Who’s wearing what? I wonder what’s going on over there. They look like they’ve met on Tinder. They just look a little bit too friendly”. There’s plenty of silent commentary whirring in your head. And since we all do it, I’ve tracked down the top spots for people watching in Brisbane.

Warning: glance at your own discretion.

The Defiant Duck | Newstead

Famous for its R’n’B beats on Sunday afternoons, the Defiant Duck is a hotspot heaving with the who’s who or who’s with who crowd. The mood is cool and fun, and you can check out what everyone is wearing when they’re away from their nine-to-five routine.

The Dalgety Public House | Teneriffe

The large communal tables at this cosy venue allow for perfect observatory angles. The live band is the perfect sound barrier to keep private commentaries to your group. And there are two entries, so you can’t miss anyone coming or going.

Riverbar & Kitchen | Brisbane

This is the perfect Monday to Sunday space for people watching. On weekdays, you can catch the business breakfasts, brunches and lunches crowd; on Fridays, you’ll see the corporate crowd mixing and mingling. During the weekends, you’ll see the tourists strolling through.

Cru Bar + Cellar | Fortitude Valley

People watching at Cru Bar is quite diverse; every now and then, an unfamiliar face pops in but chances are you’ll see most of these people again and again once they fall in love with the atmosphere.

Sixes & Sevens | Fortitude Valley

Sixes & Sevens is like an emerging fashion label, showcasing what’s on-trend for the up-and-comers. The crowd is usually made up of fresh-faced millennials.

Harveys Bar + Bistro | Fortitude Valley

This place is famous for its business meeting appeal; there are quick introductions and steady handshakes galore from the suited and booted, and you’ll even spot some Birkin bags and the occasional Camilla kaftan sashaying by.

Watt Riverside Restaurant and Bar | New Farm

You’ll find this place buzzing on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Relaxing in the open seating area, you’ll see the occasional six pack (not the beer) passing by.

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