Power Up! Here’s An Exclusive Look At The First-Ever BMW XM

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By Penelope Pelecas | 5th December 2023

The type of car you drive says a lot about your personality and lifestyle, and if you’re an innovator with an inclination towards the finer things in life, then the all-new BMW XM should be on your radar. 

Exclusive, expressive, and electrified – that’s how we would describe the BMW XM. At first glance, the XM may look like your normal luxury hybrid, but in reality, it’s so much more. Now available at Brisbane BMW, here’s what’s behind the wheel:  

The XM, by BMW M GmbH, combines the perfect blend of sophistication, comfort, and performance. Not only does it have enormous power, but it’s also ridiculously good-looking and eco-friendly. 

For those of you who are self-confessed car enthusiasts, here’s a further breakdown on the model’s technicalities. The XM is a high-performance car with an electrified drive system, making it the most powerful BMW SAV on the road. It takes 4.3 seconds to hit 100 km/h and can also reach a top speed of up to 140 km/h and a range of 82–88 kilometres in electric mode. We can’t forget the newly-developed 4.4-litre V8 engine with cutting-edge M TwinPower Turbo technology and that distinctive M engine roar. 

Without laying eyes on the vehicle, you can tell the type of power it possesses and why it’s setting a new benchmark for luxury hybrid cars in Australia. Did we mention it’s also the first standalone M product in over 40 years? Now, that’s a lot of firsts! 

While the car’s power is pretty impressive (okay, a lot), the look and feel of the XM is what really draws you in. The XM pushes the boundaries in the design space thanks to its eye-catching exterior and plush interior. From the extravagant body design and striking gold finishes to the logos engraved into the rear window, the team at BMW have truly thought of everything. 

The expressive style of the exterior design continues inside the cabin with the exclusive M Lounge, which is the epitome of luxury and comfort. Picture spacious rear seats, an illuminated headliner (the colour selection can be adapted to match driving mode and atmosphere), dark windows, heated backrests, and comfort cushions – we have experienced the M Lounge first-hand, so trust us when we say you and your passengers will be in luxury car heaven.  

As you move further along, the one-piece BMW Curved Display captures your attention with its sleekness, while the vintage leather for the upper sections of the instrument panel and door panels add a touch of sophistication. The cockpit and front seats are designed entirely around an active driving experience and come with M multifunction seats, knee pads, and a model-specific M leather steering wheel. The XM is also 5G-enabled and offers a WI-FI hotspot, plus it comes with a wireless charging tray – perfect for those who are constantly on-the-go. Did we mention the XM also comes with a Bowers & Wilkins Diamond Surround Sound system? 

It’s clear that the XM sets a new standard for luxury hybrid cars, allowing you the best of both the V8 and electric-vehicle worlds. Whether your ideal weekend consists of open roads and mountain tops, cruising through our beautiful River City, or both, you’ll find what you seek with the XM – a new wave of luxury cars. 

Take one for a spin to see for yourself by booking a test drive at Brisbane BMW here.

By Penelope Pelecas




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