Are These The Best Horror Movies Right Now?

Disclaimer: Keep the lights on and watch with a movie buddy

By Guest Styler | 2nd July 2020

Is it the adrenaline that keeps us coming back for more spook, or the fast heart rate and safe uncertainty? Whatever gets you going when it comes to scary flicks, they’re a hit.

From the early days of cinematography, horror movies hit the big screen in big ways. According to Google, the first ever movie classified as ‘horror’ was The House of the Devil in 1896, with flicks like Dracula and The Invisible Man in the 1930s setting the scene for thriller flicks to come.

If, like me, Scary Movie by the Wayans brothers does the trick, or watching The Ring too young ruined the AV channel forever, then choose your flick and theme wisely.

What’s your choice? Zombie, vampire, ghost, supernatural, human vs. human or something different all together? Whatever your vibe, we’ve got a round-up for you.

Cue the blankets and popcorn, keep some lights on (or don’t if you dare), snag a movie mate and check all exit points. We challenge you to enter the world of spook and hit play on the below.

The Silence Of The Lambs | Psychological Thriller

Heard of it but never summoned up the courage to give it a crack? Safe to say, you’re not the only one. A notable flick in the horror film scene, the 1991 movie is classified as a psychological horror staring Jodie Foster. The plot is based upon Hannibal Lector who was once a former psychiatrist turned cannibal serial killer who is being used as insight into capturing another psychopath ‘Buffalo Bill’ by the FBI and, specifically, trainee Clarice Starling. From here, follow the intriguing relationship between Starling and Lector as they establish a sense of trust and work to find Buffalo Bill while side plots develop along the way.

The Conjuring | Supernatural

Allegedly, The Conjuring is based on a real evil spirit-fighting couple, Ed and Lorraine Warren, who investigate the paranormal activity of a Rhode Island property where a large family have just moved into. Obviously, it’s not all sunshine and lollipops as the family hire the Warrens to fight the evil spirits of eras past who have led previous owners to dark deaths.  Long story short, the film follows the horror unloading on this unexpected family. Do they escape unharmed or do they fall victim to history’s fate? Do the Warrens solve the ghostly mystery? Find out and then move onto the trilogy to see the stories unravel.

The Exorcist | Supernatural

This five-part movie series kicked off in 1973, based on the 1971 novel by William Peter Blatty. The film merges three situations into one and mainly follows Father Merrin who’s in Iraq at an archaeological dig, unsurfacing some pretty unsettling carvings. The search into this discovery takes him far and wide, leading us onto the second instalment of the series, The Exorcist II: The Heretic in 1977. Fast forward to 1990 and then onto 2004, the fourth movie in the series, Exorcist: The Beginning, looks back on Father Merrin, his challenged faith following WWII and a new archaeological scenario where, again, he’s forced to face evil spirits. The 2005 flick, Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist follows the younger Father Merrin in Holland during WWII where he’s forced to work alongside a sadistic Nazi SS commander.

Hush | Slasher

Okay, this is a horror movie I have actually seen and has stuck with me – literal chills! The plot follows Maddie, a young deaf woman who lives solo in a cabin out in the woods. In the lead up to the spooky events, you’re immediately invested and can see things going wrong from the start. For example, her friend popped over and wanted to stay, but she insisted she needed to work. WHY MADDIE WHY, LET HER STAY. Anyway, later that evening, the friend arrives back at her house desperately pleading for help, screaming and banging on the windows, which of course Maddie was oblivious to. Her friend’s attacker arrives at Maddie’s cabin and continues to taunt her, with Maddie only being able to rely on her sight as sense and nothing else. Does she survive? The chill factor is only intensified as most of the movie is without dialogue, not only showcasing the talents of the sound and effects team, but the eerie vibes too.

IT | Supernatural

Based on Stephen King’s 1986 book, you’ve surely heard of this horror flick. Causing a flurry upon its release in 2017, the storyline follows seven children who are terrorized by an unknown being, forcing the kids to face their own demons. While searching for a boy who went missing in the town, the kids uncover the gruesome reality of what’s actually happened, with more kids being hurt along the way. Enter Pennywise the clown and the rest you’ll need to find out for yourself if you already don’t know!

Wolf Creek | Straight-Up Horror

An Australian classic – keyword: horror – Wolf Creek, is roughly based on the true story of Ivan Milat. Two English backpackers and their Aussie friend are out and about, exploring the Wolf Creek National Park when hours later they return to their car and it’s not working. Local man, Mick, comes across the trio and tows them back to his camp where he offers to repair the car. But, the trio soon discover the polite offer may truly have a sinister motive as they continue driving hours away with Mick. In a nutshell, without sharing too many details, the three quickly realise Mick’s true intentions and scurry to make an escape. From here, be left on the edge of your seat as they come so close to escaping but Mick catches up with them. Do they finally break free? Watch to find out!

After less horror and more heat? Check out these classics which are must-sees!

Scream | Slasher & Horror Comedy

Okay, if you haven’t seen the original Scream franchise in the ‘90s with Drew Barrymore, nor the Netflix adaption, safe to say, you’re missing out. With a touch of comedy entwined, this flick has the freak factor and the fun. Inspired by the real-life case of the Gainesville Ripper, the iconic plot is based around highschool teen Sidney who becomes terrorised by a mysterious killer dressed in a Halloween get-up known as ‘Ghostface’. If you haven’t seen the flick yet, there’s no doubt you’re familiar with the phone call scene and the Deputy Sherrif, Dewey – both often recreated in today’s day in skits and comedy arenas (Scary Movie, to just name one). The movie was so popular, they went on to produce a number of sequels and later on, remakes.

Final Destination | Horror & Thriller

The first instalment of the Final Destination series was released in 2000 and went on to produce a total of six movies up until 2011. The storyline for each film gets you really thinking about fate vs. fortune and how one decision can change everything. The first flick throws you right in the deep end of this thought process as high school student Alex ,boards a flight with classmates. Just before take-off, Alex has a premonition that the plane will explode, killing everyone on board which he shrugs off until his visions become reality. Before the plane takes off, Alex manages to disembark and watches the plane explode proving he just cheated death. The sequels follow the same concept as characters continue to cheat death, making last minute decisions from premonitions and gut inhibitions. But, how long will it take for death to catch up to them?





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