See What’s In Store For The Aries Zodiac Sign In 2021

It’s always your time to shine when you’re an Aries!

By Astrid Taemets | 31st March 2021

You’re the first fire sign in the zodiac, and you won’t let anyone forget it! Being an Aries comes with a natural ability to be bold in all that you do, full of ambition and pizazz. So, if you’re born between March 21 – April 19, you’ve got some good times comin’!

It’s not hard to pick an Aries out of a crowd, as they’re usually the one leading it! Since Arians aren’t into the art of subtlety, their confident and energetic approach to everything leaves those around them feeling inspired to follow suit. The symbol of the ram couldn’t be more fitting, as an Aries makes a habit of facing each challenge head on and with all guns blazing.

This year, your time in the spotlight is far from over. Mercury, known as the planet of communication, is entering the Aries sign at the same time we head into April. In other words, this is the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for! 

With the help of effective communication, and an abundance of positive energy, good finances is coming your way! That’s right, the upcoming months hold a ton of potential for you to harness long-term success and lock in 2021 as your most promising year. 

Whether it’s finally asking for that promotion you know you deserve, or expressing your desire to get serious with that special someone, communication is key!

Need some inspo? Here’s a few of your fellow Aries that we all know and love…

Emma Watson

Born: April 15, 1990

Robert Downey Jr.

Born: April 4, 1965

Sarah Jessica Parker

Born: March 25, 1965

Lady Gaga

Born: March 28, 1986

Jackie Chan

Born: April 7, 1954

Reese Witherspoon

Born: March 22, 1976

Kourtney Kardashian

Born: April 18, 1979

Keira Knightley

Born: March 26, 1985

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