Meet Our Cover Stars, Arcadius & Brittani

Big screen, big dreams

By Natalie McGowan | 6th June 2024

With their Hollywood good looks, charisma, and effortlessly cool style, it’s not hard to imagine our June cover stars Arcadius and Brittani on the big screen. And that’s exactly where they’re headed.

Tell us a bit about yourselves!

B: I grew up attending theatre camps during the school holidays and attending every youth acting class I could find (or my mum could find). I am very blessed to have parents who really supported my creativity and encouraged me to lean into my strengths – I was just dying to perform at any chance I could get. I wasn’t very academic and struggled in school, so acting was an escape for me and the theatre was somewhere I felt very accepted and understood by my peers. After my schooling, I desperately wanted to get into one of the prestigious full-time acting courses, but the universe had different plans for me. I am so grateful I didn’t get accepted at 18 years old because I then went on to study Film and Theatre abroad! I spent long periods in Los Angeles and London, which made me realise how important real-life experience is. 

For me, fashion goes hand in hand with acting. I enjoyed dressing up and kind of becoming different characters for a day. My passion for vintage shopping started young and it has greatly influenced my personal style and sense of individuality. Knowing I wanted to explore the fashion world, I leapt at the chance to study Fashion Communications at Condé Nast College of Fashion and Design in London. During the day, I styled shoots and created magazine mock-ups, while at night, I attended acting classes. I feel personally an actor, having a well-rounded life with a range of diverse experiences enriches an actor’s ability to draw from. There really is no one path.

A: I was immersed in a world where the water and the silver screen intertwined beautifully. Coming from a family of swimmers, water ran through my veins. Nowadays, it’s in the form of surfing, a love that will be with me for life. But alongside our aquatic passion, we had an equally profound love for cinema. Growing up in Brisbane, I remember those days between training sessions when instead of heading home, I’d head straight to the local cinema. I’d buy a single ticket and embark on what my father fondly called a “movie marathon,” hopping from screen to screen and soaking in every film showing that day. Those experiences shaped my love for storytelling and the magic of the movies.

Fashion has also been a constant in my life. From playing dress-up in my parents’ wardrobes to launching my modelling career in high school, style and self-expression have always been my passions. This journey in fashion naturally led me to discover my true calling – acting.

Three words to describe each other?

B: For Arcadius, I would say he is quirky, charismatic, and generous. But it is very hard to just narrow it down to only three words.

A: My beautiful Brittani. I would say she is passionate, driven, caring, and charismatic. That’s four, I know, but hey, three’s a tough call. She’s also the funniest person I know!!

What do you both do for work? Describe what a typical day looks like.

B: While auditioning for acting projects, I am also working freelance as a content creator for local businesses, producing motion videos for social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. It’s funny; I have fallen into doing short-form film and it has given me a deeper appreciation for the small details and effort involved in producing motion content from behind the camera. My primary focus remains on acting and continuously improving my craft and knowledge. Currently, I have an indie short film, Charlie, which is being showcased at the Cannes Film Festival. A little exciting milestone in my career so far.

A: I’m fully committed to my craft, constantly honing my skills and expanding my artistic repertoire. My daily routine is a blend of self-care and creative exploration. Mornings begin with nurturing my mind and body – indulging in some quiet reading, staying updated on the latest trends in fashion and cinema, and diving into auditions for exciting new projects. To keep my creative juices flowing, I often immerse myself in painting, writing, and making music. Or, when the waves are calling, I find a deep reset by being in the ocean. 

How did you two meet, and what was your first impression of each other? 

B: Late one Friday night, a few of my newly single friends were begging me to go out with them, even though I didn’t feel up to it. Eventually, I thought, “I’m only young once,” and decided to go out for an hour or so to have a little boogie. I wasn’t wearing any makeup and had on an oversized blazer, black pants, and sneakers – not my most creative outfit. We were waiting in line to get into Black Bear Lodge in the Valley when my friends and I spotted a gorgeous, tall, dark, and handsome guy who looked like Johnny Depp strutting down the mall. We were all mesmerised and I couldn’t believe such a stylish and stunning guy was still in Brisbane. He walked away and we went upstairs. A few minutes later, I saw him inside the venue while I was walking to the bar. Nervous, I told my friends I wanted to talk to him, so one of them, who sort of knew Arcadius, went over with me and struck up a brief conversation. Out of nowhere, my friend introduced me by saying, “This is Britt,” and then ran off. Trying to act very confident and cool I said, “You look really familiar; I feel like I’ve seen you around or met you before,” which was a complete lie.

A: We’d only been upstairs for about five minutes when I was suddenly introduced to Brittani. Those gigantic, beautiful blue eyes stared up at me, and she asked if we had ever met. I knew we hadn’t – Brittani isn’t the forgetful type! Our conversation was the most soul-warming chat I’ve ever had.

B: When sitting down with him on our first date I could tell he was nervous in the light of day. He was more sensitive and quirkier than I expected, which I loved from the get-go. He was intelligent and we connected on a lot of levels about a lot of different topics. What turned into coffee, turned into breakfast, then lunch and then drinks. We took it very slow to start with but after six months we both knew there was something very special here. It has now been three years. Arcadius is my best friend, I am beyond grateful my friend begged me to go out that night otherwise I may have never met him.

A: I remember time seemed to fly by. What started as a morning coffee quickly turned into 6pm, and suddenly I realised I was late for acting class. Every moment we spent together felt incredibly special. Despite trying to take things slow, we both knew in our hearts that we had found our person.

What’s your favourite way to spend a lazy Sunday together?

B: I struggle to stop and slow down, so I would say a big morning walk to relax me, then brunch, then maybe go to GOMA or shopping at SWOP in West End. Then finish the afternoon reading a good book in the sun at New Farm Park, and of course, date night at our favourite cinema, James Street Palace Cinemas.

A:  No alarms, just letting the day unfold naturally. We’ll kick things off with a breezy Vespa ride to Noosa’s main beach, then hit up the national park for a solid walk. Of course, we can’t resist a refreshing swim followed by a cozy beach nap. After that, we’ll grab lunch and do a bit of browsing at the shops. And you know we’ll be back on the Vespa for more exploring around town. Once we’re back home, it’s all about winding down. A quick shower, a nice glass of wine, and then off to the cinemas for a movie date. Sounds like the perfect day.

Do you have any hobbies you do together?

A: We have a lot in common! Of course, going to many acting classes together, but we also have been through different phases and tried different things together. We have done boxing, pottery, rock climbing (not our strong suit), painting, thrifting, and going to the movies.

What’s been your best adventure together? Is anything exciting planned for this year?

B: I would say seeing each other grow as people and performers has been an adventure on its own. It is very beautiful we get to share our love of film and theatre. We have a big 2024 planned! We are off to Europe for two months travelling around Greece, Spain, France, and London. After that, we move straight to Sydney. We have wanted to move to Sydney for our acting careers for a very long time and the timing has finally worked out perfectly. 

How would you describe each other’s fashion sense and what’s your favourite outfit that your partner wears?

B: Arcadius can be a bit of a chameleon. He loves 90s street but also a classic biker/rock star look, and then will completely change it up with a sartorial look. He is very passionate about clothing and being creative with his wardrobe. He doesn’t shy away from shopping in the women’s sections either. People’s heads turn whenever he walks into a room. He’s very handsome of course, but I think he also inspires a few guys out there to dress however they want to dress, not to conform to societal norms. I would say my favourite outfit would be his high-waisted wide-leg black pants with a cotton white tee, vintage leather black jacket, and black cowboy boots. It’s a classic and will never date.

A: Britt loves her primary colours but she definitely has a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll influence mixed into her style. She loves metallic; you can bet she’s always ahead of the curve when it comes to rocking the latest trends. But here’s the kicker: Brittani doesn’t just follow trends, she predicts or maybe even sets them. I swear, she’s like a fashion psychic, predicting what’s hot months before it hits the shelves. She’s the queen of denim on denim. Every time she rocks that look, it’s like a masterclass in effortless cool. If I had to choose a favourite, you better believe it’s a double denim moment with her classic red lip. Brittani just nails it every time. 

Do you ever borrow clothes or accessories from each other?

B: Arcadius has a terrible habit of stealing all my vintage tees and not taking great care of them. We both share hats, bags, and a few jewellery pieces. I am a bit of a shopaholic, so Arcadius reaps the benefits of having new things to constantly style with.

A: Brittani’s coats and shirts are all right!

What’s the one clothing item you can’t live without?

B: I love double denim. I would be lost without denim! I love my rings and necklaces though. Jewellery can be very sentimental and I love continuing to collect and layer new and old pieces.

A: Shades! Gotta have my shades. 

If you had to swap wardrobes for a day, what would you wear from each other’s closet?

B: I love Arcadius’s vintage Burberry trench coat and his black Gucci orange lens sunnies.

A: Imma experience some of that double denim magic!

How has your personal style evolved since you started dating?

B: I think I feel more confident wearing baggy clothing. I have a few more street pieces and sneakers than I would ever have before.

A: Let’s just say my mesh top era is in full swing.

Where do you see yourselves in five years?

B: Living the dream, baby! Acting in blockbuster films of course. I do think at that point, I would love to start producing films and definitely dip my toe in directing. I am looking forward to continuing to collaborate with Arcadius and even writing our own film (which may be already in the process, shhh). We both want to end up in the US, especially in Los Angeles – the climate is very similar to Queensland and we love the beach so it is important we still can be grounded by the ocean. We will see though! I am a big believer in trusting the universe and manifesting what is best for your higher good. I am ready for anything!

A: Everything Britt said. We are very aligned with our career goals and life goals so I am just excited to keep growing and seeing what comes our way.

By Natalie McGowan Office DJ and serial online shopper, Natalie’s idea of self care is watching reality TV and getting a spontaneous tattoo.




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