Christmas is always the time when food becomes more of a priority than it already is. Whether it’s Christmas lunches, brunches, breakfasts, dinners or even just a Christmas snack, it’s almost the only time of year where eating chocolate for every meal is openly acceptable. Don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted for those times when you’re over it – is a month enough time for your sweet tooth to return?

Advent calendars should never be a thing of the past, and some forward thinkers have come up with new ideas of what we could pull out of those surprising little doors. From a light snack to a drink that’ll pull you through the 25 days in the lead up, here’s our guide for you foodies and drinkers that crave more of a surprise than chocolate.

Twelve-Wines of Christmas

twelve wines of christmas

The wine gallery is our new found best friend for Christmas. Count-down Christmas with their highest rated bottles of 2017 – from reds, to whites, to sparkling. Not only that, but the box also contains recipes, wine pairings and tasting notes that can make the wine experience even more of a festivity – if you’re up for sharing. The box comes at $285, making it $23 a bottle. What a bargain!

The Jerky Advent Calendar

beef jerky advent

Finishing the year with a bang, the Jerky Advent Calendar contains not only said Jerky, but also has a few other goodies thrown in such as scotch caramels and taffy. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, because the little doors are also opened with fun-facts. Made by the company, Man Crates, for only $49.99, it’d be easy to swap the daily chocolate.

Specialty Coffee Advent Calendar

coffee advent calendar

For those of you who like to start their day with a brew, you can thank us for your December mornings. Kaffe Box is offering 24 days of coffee from 12 of the top Scandinavian coffee roasters. It couldn’t get any better, but it does, because in order to keep the coffee as fresh as possible, the calendar is sent in three shipments coming up to Christmas – what a way to stop skipping ahead. Start the day with fun from your first sip, and trial 50g of different beans with each open door.

Pork Advent Calendar

pork advent calendar

For all of the savoury lovers, we’ve got another meaty advent calendar that’ll leave your tastebuds swine-ing. Count down to Christmas with 24 days of a mini-bag of pork crackling for only $25.02. It doesn’t stop there, with up to six different flavours included, ranging from: Pigs In Blankets, Low & Slow BBQ, Maple, Black Pepper & Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar, and Perfectly Salted.

Tea Advent Calendar

tea advent calendar

Another drinkable advent calendar is Bluebirds tea advent calendar. The eco-friendly calendar contains 24 tea gifts heaped inside their silk pyramid tea bags, such as Snowball, Christmas Cake and Gingerbread Chai. The tea’s do contain nuts and soya, but are vegan friendly! At $78.89, how could you brush past the idea of settling in for a surprising tea after a long pre-Christmas day?

The Gin Advent Calendar

the boutique gin

Last but most certainly not least, we can’t forget about the Gin Advent Calendar. Finish – or start – your day with a sample of the convention-defying 3cl gin. Working with some of the world’ finest distillers, this charming box contains 24 differently flavoured drinks. At $144.99, it’ll be hard to resist tasting the lot in one go – but this is definitely one of the calendars that you’d not want to have all at once.

The Beer Advent Calendar

beer advent calendar

We couldn’t resist adding this bad-boy to the mix. Beer cartel has come up with their own version of an advent calendar, with hand-picked craft beers from Australian and International breweries – the selection stretches all the way to Germany and the USA. At $119.99 with twenty different types of beers to try, and 25 in total, how could we get anymore Aussie than this?

Feature image: Virgin Wines via Stylist

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