Boba Coma! These Are Brisbane's Best Bubble Tea Spots  

Boba Coma! These Are Brisbane's Best Bubble Tea Spots  

Get sippin’, cu-teas!

By Angelica Silva | 18th October 2021

Perhaps the greatest drink to quench the thirst of Brisbanites across the city: bubble tea! Or ‘boba’. This Taiwanese, milky (and fruity), sugary goodness, filled with fruit jelly or those adored chewy tapioca balls – ‘pearls’ – continues to live up to its title as the most viral drink of the decade.

With its flavoursome taste and aesthetic colours, bubble tea has become a social phenomenon that everyone wants to be a part of. And as I like to say to anyone I meet who tells me they “don’t like” bubble tea – I will convert you. Don’t fight it, sweetie. And what better way to bring you over to the right side than with nine of the best places to get your fix in Brisbane!


Café Artease

Kelvin Grove

She’s a UQ girl through and through but look, I’ve got to hand it to QUT Kelvin Grove for housing Café Artease – a cosy spot that serves bangin’ bubble teas. With their charming interiors, relaxed atmosphere, and board games (which they provide), I always feel like I’m the ‘Lofi Girl’ whenever I take a seat in here, drinking one mango green tea after another.

LuCHA Kitchen + Bar

Brisbane City

This modern-day Chinese teahouse takes the tea game to entirely new heights. Not only does LuCHA serve up a killer dedicated food menu, they also boast a fabulous range of bubble tea flavours – including virgin and spiked teas. Think classic pearl milk teas, jasmine tea with tropical fruits, and creamy fruity teas.


West End

Let me just say, the brown sugar milk tea here – no words. At HiHi, you can guarantee the assignment is always understood. With so many addictive flavours and an array of other desserts to choose from, you can bet you’ll be standing at the counter for a while. And for the bubble tea lovers with a dairy intolerance (our condolences), HiHi offers a light and frothy vegan nut cream as an alternative – rejoice!

Gong Cha

Various Locations

The OG that needs no introduction. Gong Cha was one of the first bubble tea outlets to set up shop in Brisbane, introducing us to delicious, new flavours and mixes from Taiwan. With an extensive menu of flavours to choose from, including milk tea, fruit tea, smoothies, and other creative mixes, you can expect a line up here in the afternoons.


Various Locations

Decked out with booths, bar seating, and a menu boasting unique flavours and concoctions, Heeretea is the place to be if you’re a true bubble tea lover. Famous for their layer of frothy, foamed cheese on top of their teas, Heeretea effortlessly brings the trends we are seeing in Asia to the very ‘burbs of Bris, welcoming all curious customers and enticing them to try something new.

B. Lucky & Sons

Fortitude Valley

Inside this retro-styled, gaming cocktail den for the 18+ crowd is where you’ll find spiked bubble teas with assorted spirits. But not to worry, they have plenty of non-alcoholic options too! If you’re looking to satisfy those late-night bubble tea cravings, or simply want to combine a tasty drink with the nostalgia of arcade games, B. Lucky & Sons is a paradise for gamers and bubble tea addicts alike.


Various Locations

With over 120 breweries opening across Brisbane in just 12 years, Chatime skyrocketed to the top, earning its title as the fastest growing iced tea franchise in Australia. With their quality ingredients and mix-ins, Chatime has a flare for innovative flavour combos. So, whether you like your bubble tea milky, fruity, frozen, sparkled, or hot, Chatime quite literally has something for everyone.

Tea Fusion T


Those hidden, hole-in-the-wall places really do turn out to be absolute gems. This is exactly how I would describe Tea Fusion. Nestled deep inside Sunnybank’s bustling Market Square – aka my second home for Asian delicacies – Tea Fusion is where sweet tooths unite over a perfected bubble tea menu. They’ve got a range of deliciously sweet milk, fruit, and icy bubbles, so you know you’re going to be spoilt for choice.

Industry Beans


Iced coffee addiction, meet bubble tea addiction. When you want your bubble tea fix but have places to be and things to do, get your caffeine hit at the same time with Industry Bean’s bubble coffee. It’s all about the brew with this bad boy, which combines coffee soaked tapioca pearls with cold brew to create an it-girl approved beverage masterpiece.

Botanical Lab

West End

My absolute favourite bubble tea destination. Seriously… I’m here way too much. Inside the pastel flower-covered dream that is Botanical Lab, you’ll find dreamy and creamy soft serves, sweet bubble teas, and gorgeous interiors. With flavours ranging from chai, matcha, and earl grey milk teas to lychee, rose, passionfruit and mango fruit teas, Botanical Lab is renowned for tailoring your bubble tea to not only your flavour, but also sweetness percentage, tea base, and ice level.


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Article by Angelica Silva

Angelica (Jels) either has her nose buried in the latest current affairs happening around the globe, is watching her sixth re-run of Gossip Girl, or is long lunching with friends at any new spot across Brissy’s food scene. With an affinity for telling stories from a new point of view, Angelica is a passionate journalist who combines her interest in writing about culture and identity, with her love of all things fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. With chai most likely running through her veins, Angelica loves hyping people up with her playlists, anything green tea flavoured, and isn’t afraid to drop a @champagnepapi quote at any moment.


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