White Sneakers Are Out: Here’s What To Buy Instead

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By Natalie McGowan | 19th June 2024

In the ever-evolving fashion landscape, it never ceases to amaze me how even the most timeless of staples can fall out of favour. The latest staple to fall victim to the viscious fashion cycle? White sneakers.

From Airforce 1’s and Stan Smiths to Veja’s and Reebok’s, there have been so many iconic variations of white sneakers that it’s hard to keep count. Always considered a wardrobe essential, who would’ve thought that they would lose their coveted status among the fashion folk? Yet, here we are, bidding goodbye to the trusty white sneakers we once clung to and searching for the next big thing to replace them with. 

Over the past few seasons, there’s been a noticeable shift in the fashion community’s preference towards sneakers. Where all-white used to dominate the feet of the stylish, we now opt for vibrant colours, metallics, and bold patterns (read: leopard print Adidas x Wales Bonner Sambas)

This preference no doubt started with the Adidas Samba frenzy (which, btw, is still going strong), with people going crazy for the narrow silhouette, sporty design, and wide range of colour ways. And with all the new and exciting sneakers on offer these days, it feels like we all collectively decided to put our white sneakers on an indefinite hiatus. 

Let’s be clear: we’re not recommending you toss out your white kicks just yet. While they may have temporarily lost their appeal, I don’t think white sneakers are ever truly going to be out of fashion. Plus, there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll circle back into the spotlight sooner or later, what with the fast pace of the industry. But in the meantime, embrace the change and put those white sneakers on the back burner to experiment with the alternative sneakers on offer, because there are some goodies out there. 

So, without further ado, find our guide to the biggest sneaker trends of 2024 below.

Coloured Kicks

A vibrant pair of sneakers is an instant outfit elevator, injecting personality into any look. Whether you opt for bold hues or subtle pastels, coloured kicks are a must-have this season.


Black Is The New Black 

As a neutral shade, black serves as a versatile alternative to a white sneaker, providing a subtle addition to almost any outfit. Bonus points because they require way less maintenance and cleaning than white sneakers, making them a practical choice for everyday wear.

Printed Perfection

Sure, the highly sought-after, aforementioned leopard print Adidas x Wales Bonner Sambas might be sold out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join in on one of this season’s hottest sneaker trends. From leopard print to the checkerboard Vans that you might remember from your brother’s wardrobe circa 2012, printed sneakers are in. Don’t shoot the messenger!

Silver Lining

It feels like Y2K is in a perpetual state of resurgence and this sneaker trend is proof of that. It’s official: metallic, shiny shoes are back with a modern-day twist.

Take A Hike 

It’s not all slim and sleek this season. Chunky, hiking-inspired shoes like Salomons have gained popularity among cool girls and A-listers, offering both style and functionality. It’s definitely one of the more unexpected sneaker trends of the season but nonetheless, we’re here for it.

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By Natalie McGowan Office DJ and serial online shopper, Natalie’s idea of self care is watching reality TV and getting a spontaneous tattoo.




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