Introducing Personal Styling Sessions at QSM with Annabel Falco

From drab to fab!

By Courtney Frank | 5th July 2021

Ever gone on a shopping trip and been overwhelmed by the various colours, shapes, patterns, textures, and price points? You’re not alone! For those who might be a little more startled than savvy in the shopping department, it could be worth considering a more personal and intimate shopping experience. Enter: personal styling sessions at Queen Street Mall.

Led by Queen Street Mall fashion ambassador, Annabel Falco, from the first of July you can now book in for one-on-one appointments, where Annabel will use her years of experience to guide you through the noise and lead you to the ‘fits of your dreams.

With over 10 years’ industry experience across fashion journalism, events, PR, marketing, and styling, Annabel has styled everyone from celebrities on the red carpet, to everyday fashionistas in need of a wardrobe update. Most importantly, she’s a local mum of two (three, if you include her sausage dog, Chilli!) and her fashion philosophy is simple – in her opinion, style = confidence!

When you book in for a personal styling session with Annabel, get ready to curate the perfect look for any occasion. Whether it be a special event, like a marquee birthday or anniversary, or even just a workwear overhaul, Annabel has you covered.

With individual and group appointments available, why not treat yourself to a day of pampering? Or perhaps, book in for a special occasion like a hen’s party? The best part is – there is zero pressure to buy on the day. Annabel is big on getting to know you and your personal style, so her focus will always be on finding items that make you feel amazing and confident, both inside and out.

To book a personal styling session, head to

And, for your chance to win a personal styling session + a $800 gift card, enter here.

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