Our Top Picks Of The Mushroom Trend You’re Seeing Everywhere

Our Top Picks Of The Mushroom Trend You’re Seeing Everywhere

You’ll have a field day

By Melissa Myrteza | 23rd March 2021

They’re edible, they’re environmentally friendly, and now they’re elegant. Mushrooms are the fungi phenomena that are putting our closets and skincare regimes in a psychedelic frenzy. These ethereal species have made their way around Brisbane backyards, forming swiftly after weeks of wet weather. So, while they’re top of mind, we’ve unearthed the latest in a drop of shroom-centric pieces to reconnect you to the Mother Earth. While some people are paying top dollar for dug up, truffled treasures, we’re investing in things with a slightly longer shelf life. Happy hunting!

*some prices converted to AUD


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Article by Melissa Myrteza

Mel always has one eye on the grooviest happenings around town and the other one on the best foodie hotspots. When she’s not crossing another country off her bucket list, she’s either reading, eating Genkotsu Ramen or sippin’ on a glass of red.


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