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By Montana Hayes | 26th February 2024

Based along the picturesque south-east coast of Queensland, mimmi terra, a female-founded brand known for their artisan-crafted tote bags, embraces the raw beauty of the Australian landscape. Making craftiness cool again, these handwoven totes embody the very essence of coastal living, meaning they’re our new must-have essential for sun-soaked days or spontaneous weekend escapes. 

With a focus on functionality and eco-consciousness, mimmi terra utilises innovative materials like recycled polyethylene to minimise environmental impact whilst providing durable and timeless pieces that transcend seasonal trends. 

Beyond its commitment to practicality and sustainability, mimmi terra proudly partners with i=change, channelling a portion of each purchase to various charitable causes close to their heart. From building a women’s future, to supporting a child’s recovery after experiencing family violence or giving back to restore the land, their mission extends beyond the notion of conscious fashion.

We sat down with Emilia Sutton, the creative force behind mimmi terra, to talk more about her brand, the journey, and where it’s heading next!

Mimmi Terra

Hi Emilia, tell us about yourself?

Hi! Well, since my earliest memories, I have had an ardent passion for travel, creativity, and fashion, and when I’m not immersed in studying or work, you’ll find me soaking up the sun along the idyllic shores of the Gold Coast, my cherished hometown where I have spent the majority of my life. 

My inherent creativity and curiosity about the world has also resulted in many overseas trips (thanks to my Mediterranean roots) and driven me to pursue an array of disciplines from psychology, pre-medicine, and neuroscience, before ultimately venturing into the world of fashion where I have founded mimmi.

What inspired you to start mimmi?

I have always loved fashion and remember collecting Vogue from my early years in high school; I was drawn to the creativity and self expression that it evoked in people. My trips to Europe gave me the chance to explore how fashion varied among people and how this shapes culture and trends. 

I was finally able to explore this when (at the beginning of COVID) I was in between degrees, and like many others, had the time and mental space to explore creative endeavours. As an avid traveller, student, and lover of an outdoors lifestyle, I realised the necessity for a versatile bag that could seamlessly accompany me through daily rituals. 

Could you tell us about the ethos of your brand?

First and foremost, it was important that any creation was kinder on the environment than other available alternatives. Therefore, the totes were to be durable, designed to transcend trends, withstand endless uses, and incorporate a natural or recycled material. The eco tote quickly became the quintessential companion for on-the-go lifestyles, seamlessly transitioning from a day-long carryall to a convenient grocery bag on the way home. 

Central to our vision was ensuring that each tote was not only functional, but also playful and intricately designed by hand. It was imperative for our brand ethos to embody a commitment to giving back to both our communities and the environment – a mission we proudly uphold through our partnership with i=change. 

What has been a major milestone moment for mimmi?

In the short time that mimmi has been established, we have been fortunate to be featured in some amazing local media, such as Vogue, RUSSH, WHO, and Marie Claire (my younger self could not believe it!). In 2023, we partnered with i=change which has given us the opportunity to directly donate a portion of our online orders to charities that are close to my heart.

Which tote is your go-to?

It has to be the Eco tote, one of my very first designs that is still a bestseller. It is the ideal size that takes me to Pilates, work, groceries, and everything in between.

Mimmi terra

What is the tote everyone needs to start their mimmi collection?

I think it really depends on your personal needs and what your daily rituals look like. For those who like to carry lighter through the day, I usually recommend the Eco Tote (as a personal favourite) and the Eco Utility for those who need a little more space to accommodate their busy schedules!

So, what’s next for mimmi?

There are some exciting collaborations in the works for mimmi, which I cannot wait to share! Alongside the release of fresh colourways in your favourite Eco styles, we’re also on the cusp of a new era for mimmi that goes beyond just tote bags… stay tuned!

By Montana Hayes Wine lover, bad date survivor, and full-time cat mum, Montana’s life is all about the plot.



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