Meet The Artist Behind Silk Laundry’s Dreamy New Collection 


By Penelope Pelecas | 1st March 2024

Nothing beats a new drop from your favourite fashion brand, and we couldn’t be more excited for Silk Laundry’s first collection of 2024, The Protection Collection. 

Created in collaboration with Melbourne-based artist Miranda Skoczek, the new collection celebrates the art of self-protection through symbolism and colour work. We spoke to Miranda to learn more about the new collection and her involvement. PS, enjoy their beautiful campaign imagery – if this doesn’t have you running to James Street, we don’t know what will! 

Hi Miranda, thank you for chatting with us! And congratulations on your collaboration with Silk Laundry. How does it feel? 

Collaborating with Silk Laundry is great! It’s always exciting seeing my artwork on a different canvas and this union is a beautiful collision of creative minds coming together. The collaboration feels like a natural extension of my artistic expression, allowing my work to be experienced in a new, dynamic form and nice to be doing so with a brand that has a very aligned vision to my own around sustainability and being involved in the world around us. 

How did it all come about?

Years ago, Katie came to one of my exhibitions to purchase a painting. She had fallen in love with one of my pieces and at the time sold multiple pieces from her wardrobe to purchase it. At the time, we bonded over our mutual love of nature. Now, roughly 10 years later we have collaborated together on a collection which feels like a nice full-circle moment. 

How would you describe the new collection?

The Protection Collection is a testament to the power of symbolism and the beauty of storytelling through art and fashion. It explores the symbolism and the rituals that Katie grew up with and then was fused with my art practices which are deeply influenced by historical references and ancient cultures. Each piece is a canvas, showcasing motifs that are both protective and empowering, inviting wearers to adorn themselves in art that carries deeper meanings and connections to the past.


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What was it like working with the Silk Laundry team?

There’s a profound understanding and respect for the artistic process, which allowed for a truly collaborative environment. Katie’s vision and direction in this collection cohesively aligns with my artistic ethos, making the entire process a harmonious and exhilarating experience. The wider team’s passion, dedication, and attention to detail have been instrumental in bringing The Protection Collection to life in a way that feels authentic to my artistic intent.

How are you hoping the collection makes people feel? 

I hope the collection inspires a sense of empowerment, connection, and wonder. The intention is for wearers to feel enveloped in the protective embrace of symbolism, to feel the strength and history each piece carries, and to spark conversations that bridge worlds, cultures, and time. It’s about wearing art that resonates on a personal level, providing not just aesthetic beauty, but a sense of belonging and protection.

What role does symbolism play in creating powerhouse artworks?

Symbolism is the heartbeat of my work; it transforms mere images into narratives, imbuing them with energy, emotion, and meaning. In the context of this collection, symbolism serves as a bridge connecting the wearer to ancient wisdom, cultural narratives, and personal stories. It’s about creating pieces that resonate on a deeper level, that speak to the soul as much as they do to the eye.

How would you define your artistic style?

My artistic style embodies a fusion of history, emotion, and symbolism, blending opulence with simplicity, and merging the abstract with the figurative. It spans a spectrum from the ancient to the contemporary, rooted in a profound appreciation for colour and composition. This eclectic approach allows my work to navigate through architecture, pop culture, fashion, and religious iconography, creating a rich tapestry that reflects the decorative arts and human experience. 

You can browse the new collection in-store on James Street or online at (please note, some styles pictured will drop at the end of this month). 

By Penelope Pelecas



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