Trend Edit: 45 Reasons Why We’re Rocking The Leather Look This Winter 

Hell for leather

By Dinushka Gunasekara | 8th July 2024

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that some materials are made more versatile than others. Case and point? Leather – the oh-so cool seasonal staple turning everything it touches into a sartorial statement. 

Leather fashion is a winter wardrobe essential that never fails to dramatically enhance your ‘fit. Whether it’s a floor-grazing trench or tailored trousers, The Matrix-esque aesthetic is stylishly slick and coveted by the A-list. 

When it comes to hues, naturally black is always on trend, but modern leather pieces also embrace chocolate browns, rich burgundies, and even metallic silver for an edgy yet elegant appearance. We’re also not here to be a snob – both genuine and faux leather have made the cut. 

Leather skirt

Feminine meets grunge in leather skirts that can be used as a nifty layer or statement piece. A timeless addition to any wardrobe, hemlines are negotiable when it comes to finding your ideal leather skirt, with both micro minis and maxi lengths making the rounds on the fashionable elite. 

Leather top

It’s hard to define what makes a good party top, but we do know that leather certainly fits the brief. Sophisticated in structure, bustier styles and corsetry are instantly enhanced in the leather look. Meanwhile, leather overshirts are an edgy winter staple that are equally fitting in the boardroom and the bar. 

Leather dress

All the shine is the way to go in a head-turning leather dress. Serving as a multifaceted canvas to customise for aesthetic and occasion, the leather dress is a knockout in a variety of silhouettes, with both figure-hugging styles and boxier fits dominating the runway.  

Leather jacket

Some might say leather jackets have been reincarnated thanks to the bikercore trend, although if we’re being honest, the piece has always had a permanent place in our hearts. And for good reason too – the price of a quality leather jacket might have your eye twitching, but it’s an investment that you can be assured will go the mile. From blazers to bombers and the indomitable trench, this is an item to love for a lifetime. 

Leather pants 

Ditch the denim this season in favour of sleek leather trousers. While the leather pants of the punk era were designed to be worn like a second skin, today’s iteration is welcomingly more relaxed – making for a versatile essential that you can reach for over and over again, including in summer via bermuda shorts. Styled chic or casual, no one can deny this piece is always effortlessly cool. 

Header image: @anoukigold / @elletrowbridge / @rosalieburns

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