We Head Behind The Scenes Of An Iconic Brisbane Jewellery Workshop

Diamond in the rough

By Dinushka Gunasekara | 16th March 2022

Diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. They are all things exquisite, glamourous, and beautiful, but what comes before the perfectly shaped and shined jewel? Diamondport have the process down pat. 

Let’s dive into the unpolished and uncut side of jewellery – a side the Portas brothers know all too well.

Who are the Portas brothers?

They say a diamond is a piece of charcoal that did well under pressure. Twin brothers, Ashley and Jason Portas have done exactly that, turning what was once a childhood dream into an elegant and opulent business on track to becoming one of Australia’s highest-rated jewellers. 

From Ipswich delivery boy to diamond merchant and Diamondport founder, 19-year-old Ashley Portas didn’t have precious gems on his radar until after taking the rights to a courier run. Here he discovered the world of gemstones and glamour as many of his clients were involved in the jewellery industry with these clients soon becoming his suppliers. 

With a background in business as a CPA accountant, financial controller, and experience in managerial positions across the construction and retail industry, it only made sense for twin brother Jason to join the Diamondport team as General Manager. Together the brothers’ skills aligned to boost their jewellery business for the better, with their shared vision taking the Australian jewellery industry by storm. 

The brothers are now the proud faces of Diamondport Jewellery, located on Brisbane’s very own Rodeo Drive, also known as Queen Street Mall. With 12 years’ experience under their belts, Diamondport specialises in sourcing, designing, and creating engagement rings – arguably the most important and memorable piece of jewellery! 

Shall we meet the team?

The team at Diamondport are made up of designers, artisans, and workers of precious metals, with all members being equally important in the process of crafting fine jewellery, which, as they say, takes a village and a lot of teamwork. 

Diamondport trains their jewellers on the job and through TAFE apprenticeships, believing that hands-on experience alongside highly skilled jewellers is the most practical way to introduce newbies to the jewellery industry and the workshop. 

While their hands-on approach to training is an innovative move, it’s Diamondport’s ability to keep skills local that is truly pushing them to the forefront of the jewellery industry. Local jewellery making has become a dying trade, but the Portas brothers are turning this around and reviving the craft right here in Brisbane. They believe in keeping jewellery skills local and upholding a completely Australian owned and made business. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local and that’s kind of the same. 

So, what really goes on behind the scenes?

Now for the dirty, gritty side of things — the magic behind the scenes, let’s take a glimpse…

The journey of jewellery making always starts off with the jewel – gems, diamonds and crystals have been found in all corners of the world, from Surat in India, Larimar County in Colorado and even the North Cape of South Africa. The brothers buy direct from the best gem merchants and Diamond cutters in the world rather than through wholesalers, so you get the highest quality gemstones and diamonds at a great price.  

The next step is up to the design team – whether you’re opting to sit down with the team to work on the custom piece you’ve always dreamed of or choosing from their selection of ready-to-wear beauties. The highly skilled, trained and experienced team can use a computer-aided design application to create an almost photographic image of the soon-to-be ring, giving you a first glimpse of what your final forever piece will look like! 

The final step is to handcraft the adornment and mould the circular band, without beginning or end, a symbol of never-ending devotion, commitment, and lifelong love. Soldering the gold, laser cutting the gem, crafting the perfect setting, and finally placing the swoon-worthy gem onto the base – this labour-intensive process requires the eyes of a meticulous artisan to ensure each individual section is perfected and curated to your individual design. Finally, the team will polish the ring, preparing it for the most important part of all – the proposal!

Diamondport has delivered the WOW behind so many couples’ happily ever after. They are so customer-focused and reliable that if your partner does not love the ring, they remake it! 

From raw material to dazzling embellishment, jewellery has the power to transport us to our favourite memories. Every piece at Diamondport tells a story. Book in for a consultation to start creating your next jewellery box addition. 

By Dinushka Gunasekara A self-proclaimed Spotify connoisseur who plans her weekends on Monday, Dinushka’s least favourite time of the day is in between meals.




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