Introducing Aje’s Chroma Collection…

Introducing Aje’s Chroma Collection…

Finding calm in colour

By Bethan Warrior | 12th October 2020

Achieving serenity during this year of unprecedented change seems like an unreachable feat, however, for their Resort 21 collection, beloved Australian brand Aje are turning to colour therapy to bring us a sense of joy and hope to our spring-summer fashion. Delving deep into the psychology of colour, ‘Chroma’ explores how every hue, tint and tone can elicit powerful emotions. The collection was meticulously designed to insight an array of positivity and love with each piece instilled with the power to postively affect emotion for both the wearer and beyond. Whilst fashion is often associated with the frivolous, we spoke to co-founder Edwina Forest to discuss Aje’s role as a storyteller and how ‘Chroma’ aims to go beyond the superficial, committed to providing splendour and joy to all.

Co-Founder Edwina Forest Photograph by Ashleigh Larden

Where did the inspiration for this collection originate? Was there a particular moment or event that sparked the idea behind the collection?

At the start of the creative process, we were drawn to the psychology of colour theory and the intrigue of colour complexity…. the same colour can express multiple meanings which reflects the complexities of the wearer and the human journey. We feel that this collection represents positivity and hope, especially at a time of collective uncertainty that has encapsulated the world this year.

Storytelling is a huge part of your brand identity. Tell us about the message you’re conveying with Chroma…

You will find season on season, we as creatives and designers are drawn to the duality or contrasts of multiple meanings and the beauty of interpretation. For Resort 20/21, entitled ‘Chroma’, co-founder Adrian Norris and I delve into how colours are projected in different ways based on the wearer and what they wish to inject into the world.

Digging deeper than the surface, the same colour can have multiple perceptions, which reflects the wider society and the culture in which they exist.

Talk to us about colour therapy, how is it incorporated in the ‘Chroma’ collection?

I love how each piece and colour offers its own story. Both Adrian and I found the influence each hue, tone, tint and shade have, and how it can impact you on a cellular level. We explored unique design intricacies throughout the collection.

Signatures like a deep forest green tone that we titled Bonsai, was inspired by the depths of the forest which we felt offers a sense of renewal and connection to nature.

Another hero hue is Hanami, a reference to the Japanese tradition of flower viewing. A vivid hue of feminine energy, the Hanami pink sees a deeply compassionate core, of nurturing and love, ever hopeful of what’s to come.

What can wearers expect to feel or experience when wearing Chroma pieces?

We hope that each piece is associated with a sense of innate warmth and grounding energy.

We definitely want each tone to feel as nourishing as it is enduring, and ultimately to provide an avenue of escape and consciousness for the wearer.

Fast Five:

Describe the essential Aje outfit in one sentence…
Tough femininity, raw beauty and effortless cool.

Top 3 items or looks you’ll be wearing all season?
As a lover of black and white, this season I too am embracing more colour and tone. My highlight picks are the Willow tailored pant and top ensemble which features a balance of volume and restraint, as well as a sublime two-tone deconstructed suit in parchment and white. Both looks have been made with ornate toiles before the final pieces are made with love and care into their final designs.

Trend you’ll never stop loving no matter what anyone says?
I can’t go past our signature use of volume and proportion. To me, it honours the brand’s heritage, whilst still feeling modern and fresh.

Favourite hue from the Chroma collection?
I am drawn to Bamboo, as a symbol of growth and abundance.

Your fail-safe styling advice you can always rely on?
A well-tailored suit is the perfect way to make a statement while looking and feeling effortless.

Check out the first drop of the ‘Chroma’ collection here.

Images provided by Aje.


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Article by Bethan Warrior

Bethan is the Creative Assistant at Style Magazines. She is inspired by the world of fashion and when she’s not watching the latest catwalk she can be found picking out flowers, eating Italian food, or watching Netflix’s latest crime drama.


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