In its 29th year, the French Film Festival brings us all the best flicks from France. With 50 different films en Français to choose from, you are spoiled for choice! If you are not a French speaker, don’t fret as all films have English subtitles.

French cinema has a certain Je ne sais quoi about it. The storylines are so different from the typical Hollywood “hero saves the day and gets the girl” cookie-cutter we are all too familiar with. The dry humour and quirky twists and turns are what make French cinema so interesting and totally addictive.

If you have seen the incredible “The Intouchables”, a story of an unlikely friendship between a wealthy but disabled man and his carer, you will be thrilled to discover that this year’s opening night movie “C’est La Vie!” is directed by the same duo. The film tells the story of Max, an experienced party planner, as he tries to avoid disaster after disaster at Peirre and Helena’s wedding in a stunning 17th-century chateau. For the opening night soirée, this rom-com is accompanied by a drink on arrival and an after-party complete with cocktails, live entertainment, canapés and gift bags.

Celebrating the Australian Premier of “50 Is The New 30(Marie-Francine)”, the closing night is also not just a movie but a cocktail party as well, to finish off the festival in style. This much-anticipated rom-com follows Marie-Francine as she loses her job and husband all in one week and has to move back in with her parents at the age of 50.

Other highlights of the French Film Festival include “Au Revoir Là-Haut”, a story adapted from the book by Pierre Lemaitre. This epic crime drama based in WWI has the all the twists and turns of French movies we know and love and a fantastic array of characters. And although it doesn’t have the Hollywood ending, it has many heart-warming subplots along the way.

Having already visited Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, we cannot wait until the 2018 French Film festival arrives in Brisbane next week! Showing at Palace Centro and Palace Barracks from March 8 to April 4.

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