Treat Yourself To Chocolate Nachos, Coco Cocktails And More At ChocWeek 

We think you’ll like this a choco-lot.

By Dinushka Gunasekara | 6th July 2020

Oh, sweet heavens, do we have a treat for you! As all dessert enthusiasts know, World Chocolate Day is coating July 7 in sugary goodness and cacao celebrations. However, the smart folk at Portside Wharf recognise one day can’t contain enough decadent desserts so they’re celebrating all things chocolate for a whole week!

ChocWeek is sweetening up the Wharf from July 6-12 (yes, now!) in a swirl of dark chocolate cheesecakes, white chocolate and chilli margaritas, coconut rough slices and so much more. With a bunch of their retailers catering to your every craving, check out a taste of the irresistible offers below:

  • Monochrome Jones: a decadent metiisto dark chocolate cheesecake with raspberry sorbet, caramelised white chocolate and toasted cocoa nibs from @Mr & Mrs Jones
  • Chocolate nachos or chocolate tacos filled with churros, ice cream and chocolate sauce topped with strawberries from Burrito Bar
  • Chocolate sambousek from Byblos Bar
  • 2-for-1 on coconut rough slices from Cruisers Alfresco (it’s their most popular slice, BTW)
  • Nutella pizza with banana and coconut ice cream or strawberries and vanilla bean ice cream from Gusto da Gianni
  • Chocolate protein balls from Pineapple Express
  • Lindt Classic Chocolate 125g blocks exclusive to IGA for $3.49 each
  • Six Subway cookies for $5

And, for the adult who’s feeling a little parched, cocktails to indulge in include:

  • Dark Desire with Vanilla Crème de Cacao, Crème de Menthe and spiced rum plus a White Chocolate and Chilli Margarita with White Crème de Cacao, white chocolate washed Herradura Tequila, lime and chilli
  • Decadent Jones: a chocolate coconut martini with vodka, monin chocolate syrup, coconut extract and coconut shavings from @Mr & Mrs Jones
  • Mozart Chocolate Cream Liqueur 500mL for $39.99 from Sense of Taste
By Dinushka Gunasekara A self-proclaimed Spotify connoisseur who plans her weekends on Monday, Dinushka’s least favourite time of the day is in between meals.
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