30 Cottagecore Pieces To Fulfil Your Farm-Life Fantasy

For the new romantics

By Bethan Warrior | 10th March 2021

If you’ve recently found yourself baking sourdough, arranging dried flowers, or delving into every period drama on Netflix (we’re looking at you Bridgerton), you may have been dipping your toes in the cottagecore trend without even knowing it! What started as a micro-trend in spring is really hitting its stride this autumn. The cottagecore trend celebrates a return to a simpler life, founded in agriculture and artisan crafts. As so many of us find refuge in the great outdoors, this trend sees the tropes of an old English countryside resurrected.

Fulfilling our Elizabeth Bennet fantasy, fashion is taking a turn to the delicate and nostalgic. Puff sleeves, empire waistlines, wildflower prints, and tactile knits are spotted in dreamy colour palettes. Simply put, if it looks like it belongs on Talyor Swift’s next album cover, it’s cottagecore. Perfectly paired with a loose-fitting braid, hot cup of tea, and a well-loved book, discover our top cottagecore pieces we’re loving right now!


Header image by Faithfull The Label.