Bulimba’s Best Kept Secrets

Need a reason to rediscover Bulimba? We've got six secrets we bet you didn't know about one of Brisbane's oldest suburbs.

By Guest Styler | 26th May 2015

Most Brisbanites have visited Bulimba at some stage or other to take advantage of the wonderfully retro and nostalgic Cineplex cinema that has to be one of Brisbane’s cheapest nights out on the town.  But did you know that Bulimba is one of Brisbane’s oldest suburbs and has a lot more to it than the flicks?  Here are 6 secrets we bet you didn’t know…

1) Bulimba’s pub was designed by the same architect as The Regatta Hotel, The Orient and The Wickham.  Once regarded as the ‘Wild West’ of Brisbane pubs The Bulimba Hotel was later renamed as The Balmoral in an attempt to gain some respectability (unsuccessful judging by its nick name ‘The Balmongrel’).  Now known as Oxford 152 the pub has recently undergone a makeover and is once again a destination pub worth visiting – particularly when they have their Mumm Champagne promotions!

2) Bulimba’s newest retail and restaurant development is called The Avro – and you wouldn’t be the first to wonder why.  It is actually named after the original Avro Picture Palace which was opened in 1920 after running for some time in a paddock in Oxford St.  Locals still enjoy the odd Movies in the Park from time to time but not many realise they are not the first to do so!

3) Hawthorne Park, home of the Love Your Local Markets, was once the training ground of Olympians!  In the 1940s The Balmoral Amateur Cycling Club raced around the circular track that still exists and is now a great spot for a perfect quarter of a mile power walk.

4) Bulimba still attracts many sporting celebrities, presumably due to its proximity to The ‘Gabba and the airport.  Those who like to collect signatures from the likes of Quade Cooper and Firebirds’ Laura Geitz are most regularly spotted at Coco Bliss although The Paleo Cafe is another good choice for sport-star gazing.

5) Building is about to start on developing a brand new cinema and restaurant complex in Hawthorne Road with opening night penciled for December 2015.  Hawthorne Road will soon rival Oxford St as an ‘eat street’ destination and the excellent Marinara Italian restaurant will no longer be the New Kid on the Block.

6) After the RSL announcing in January that it would no longer be organising the Bulimba Festival there is good news for festival lovers – the Bulimba Festival will be back in 2015 with lots of new events and an emphasis on food, wine and live music.  With Style as an Official Media Partner, you can be sure that you will be first to hear festival news right here.