Your Guide To Pregnancy Skincare

For a smooth-skinned pregnancy journey

By Dinushka Gunasekara | 2nd April 2020

If you’re trying to fall pregnant, currently carrying or in the post-partum stage, and are faced with a new skin concern every other day, don’t worry – you’re in good company! Thankfully the friendly team at Valley Plastic Surgery have some safe skin-smoothing options to explore.

The usual comprehensive pregnancy upkeep may not involve a skincare routine, but dermatologist at Valley Plastic Surgery, Dr Kate DeAmbrosis, has seen many patients come forward with pre and post-partum skin problems. Common concerns include melasma – or ‘mask of pregnancy’ – and linea nigra, which are pigmentary changes in the skin from hormonal impacts. Stretch marks are also common on the abdomen and thighs, as well as skin tags, which are small growths of excess skin that develop on the upper trunk.

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Patients prone to eczema, psoriasis or acne often worry the hormonal changes can cause flare ups or that these conditions can pass onto the baby. However, Dr DeAmbrosis reassures immune changes associated with pregnancy can improve inflammatory dermatoses, and maternal skin diseases don’t impact the baby, nor reflect the likelihood of the child being born with the condition.

From prescribed medication to phototherapy, there are plenty of safe treatments for skin problems during pregnancy. Valley Plastic Surgery offers the newly developed phototherapy system, the Waldmann UV 7002, as a physical treatment alternative to medication for conditions like psoriasis, which can inflame in pregnancy and breastfeeding. Dr DeAmbrosis also stresses the importance of developing a strong photoprotective skincare routine early.

“With the many options available today, there’s guaranteed to be a sunscreen that suits everyone,” she says. “Working your choice agent into your morning routine is protective not only against skin cancer, but in assisting to combat the many changes your skin will face through the pregnancy and post-partum period.”

For more information about how Dr Kate DeAmbrosis can assist you in your pregnancy skin journey, head to the Valley Plastic Surgery website.

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