Introducing The Eco-Friendly Toothpaste Polishing Your Pearly Whites

Mint to be

By Teagan Witherow | 6th February 2024

Step aside generic toothpaste because Peg Paste is here to make a lasting impression on your pearly whites! And by lasting, we mean you can soon grab this gem at your fave organic, health, and wholefoods store, Flannery’s.

So, why all the hype? Well, Peg Paste fans will gladly tell you that not only is this minty toothpaste proudly formulated in Australia but also incorporates prebiotics to foster a balanced ecosystem that enhances immune defences in both the mouth and the gut. Oral wellbeing – tick! Gut health – tick!

Wondering how it operates? The formula revolves around the powerful combination of hydroxyapatite and prebiotics. Hydroxyapatite works to remineralise teeth, strengthen enamel, and reduce the risk of cavities. Meanwhile, prebiotics nourish beneficial bacteria throughout your body.

Next time you’re about to brush, ditch the generic and opt for Peg Paste – not only is it great for your oral and gut wellbeing, but the aesthetically-pleasing pump can also be recycled with regular household items too!


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Our Style team was able to test out the natural toothpaste over the summer holidays – here are some of their thoughts (straight from the horse’s mouth as they say!).

“I was pleasantly surprised by the refreshing minty taste that rivalled some of my more mainstream toothpastes… But as a sucker for all things aesthetically pleasing, the real winner for me was the branding and package design. I’m not rushing to hide it away in the medicine cabinet!”  Courtney, Creative Director

“As someone who suffers from sensitive teeth, Peg Paste was a welcome addition to my morning and evening routine. I also really loved the recyclable bottle.” Penelope, Deputy Editor.

“Stunning product packaging, a light refreshing flavour, and the ingredients are oh-so good for you too!” Emily, Senior Graphic Designer.

“This toothpaste was a big win for me and the family. The packaging is not only beautiful but also very functional – no more dried paste around the rim (gross). Added bonus that it’s toxin free and environmentally friendly. My teeth are clean and so is my conscious.” Lisa, Head of Social.

By Teagan Witherow




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