Pucker Up! Is Lip Gloss The Latest IT Accessory?

Get your gloss on

By Teagan Witherow | 8th March 2024

Gone are the days of lip gloss being synonymous with hair-stuck-to-lip scenarios and nostalgic nods to the noughties. The popular lip product has undergone a fabulous makeover, and this time, it’s not just about the way it looks on your lips but rather the way it looks in the tube.

Just like our trusty companions, the Frank Green water bottle and Stanley cup, lip gloss has boldly stepped into the spotlight as the unlikely yet utterly essential finishing touch to any outfit. It has now become a status item, a bona fide cult-favourite if you will, and we’re absolutely here for it!

If you’re looking to elevate your look, simply grab your Dior lip oil or Summer Fridays butter balm and your outfit is immediately complete. Who needs a handbag when you can just hold a lip gloss? There truly is no better companion, being both cute and hydrating!

We also can’t forget about the Rhode peptide lip tint, which is causing a stir not just for the product itself, but also for its viral internet presence. Founder, Hailey Bieber, has even designed a phone case with a designated slot for your it. Talk about next-level accessorising.


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Sadly, the elusive Rhode brand remains out of reach for us Aussies but that certainly isn’t stopping us from jumping on this lip gloss accessory trend. Here are our top picks:

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By Teagan Witherow



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