After A Blonde Makeover? Head Here!

After A Blonde Makeover? Head Here!

The blonde tresses you’ve always dreamed of

By Dinushka Gunasekara | 2nd April 2020

This month, we took a seat at one of Brisbane’s best blonde hairdressers, Hairytales.

We’ve never hidden the fact that, when it comes to blondes, we think this hair haven is one of Brisbane’s best. Perfectly curated blonde hues are all in a day’s work for salon director Chelsie, and her team, who tackle each transformation or touch-up with dedicated precision. From their expert stylists housed in an effortlessly luxe salon, to their resident sweetheart, Lara the pug, the Hairytales experience stands out for all the right reasons. We would know, because we tried it for ourselves!

Styler and in-house blonde bombshell, Corrina, put her hair in Chelsie’s hands and while the gorgeous results speak for themselves, the process is definitely worth talking about it. Greeted by first name and offered a glass of champagne as well as bakery snacks that could have Hairytales leading a whole different industry, Corrina was immediately at ease. “As a blonde, seeing so many hairdressers with beautiful blonde hair immediately made me feel confident I was in the best hands,” she said.

Booked in for the works (blonde colour-correction using a full head of cute, cactus-printed foils), Corrina knows what she likes: she prefers a creamier blonde over ashy, that’s not too warm or too cool. “Most of the girls in the salon, including Chelsie, rock cooler tones, but Chelsie actually listened to what I like and coloured my hair accordingly,” she said. And that was only the beginning of Chelsie’s attention to detail. “After completing the foils, Chelsie spent further time at the basin bleaching the ends of my hair to remove colour banding, which I hadn’t even noticed until she pointed it out,” Corrina said. “She really went above and beyond to give me the best possible outcome.”

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Out of the salon, the gorgeous colour, lush texture and glowing shine were beautifully locked into Corrina’s locks. With Chelsie’s product recommendations in-hand to keep the creamy beige heavenly and fresh, Corrina can confirm that blondes really do have more fun – both in the hairdressing chair, and out!

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Article by Dinushka Gunasekara

Notorious for turning a random encounter into a three-hour conversation and running across streets to pat a dog, Dinu is a curious girl who loves a good story. Her extensive knowledge of Donald Glover is yet to come to good use and she would do basically anything for a hash brown. Catch her bombarding her friends with articles she thinks they should read or spending way too much time creating the perfect playlist.


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