We Tried Hemp Skincare And Here’s What We Thought

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By Stamatina Notaras | 16th January 2024

As an avid skincare fanatic who believes there’s nothing a good skincare routine can’t fix, I was more than ready to pull my hair back and get cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturising when I heard of the new hemp-infused skincare craze. With combination skin that hasn’t quite landed on whether it’s oily or dry, I stay close to natural skincare that won’t wreak havoc on my already sensitive skin. So when I came across Dope Skin Co, an Australian-made skincare range using organic hemp as the hero, I was all in. 

Dope Skin Co

First on the skin schedule was the AHA BHA Cleanser, enriched with hero ingredients such as hemp, blue tansy, and niacinamide. The formula is packed with five fruit AHAs that assist in skin exfoliation, improve skin texture, and reduce acne. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the bottle, and a sweet-scented aroma poured out. The creamy consistency of the cleanser made for easy application and left my skin feeling refreshed and deeply cleansed of any impurities it clung onto throughout the day.

Step 2 was the brightening Glow Serum – and glow, I did! If pigmentation and uneven skin tone are a problem for you, I couldn’t recommend the Glow Serum enough. I applied 2-3 drops to my skin and gently applied it all over my face and neck (never miss the neck!) with my fingertips as instructed. It quickly absorbed into my skin, leaving me with an immediate glow as the illuminating ingredients started to work their magic. After my first use, I walked out of my house (no makeup, might I add) and into an office of girls complimenting my skin’s ‘glowy’ complexion, which gave me a pep in my step more than a coffee ever could. 

Next up was the Retinol Eye Cream with Vitamin C. Speak to any skin care specialist and vitamin C is a non-negotiable in a good routine. I wish I had taken the eye-cream train earlier, but hey – at 27 I think I’m here just in time. If the goal for this formula was deep hydration, skin elasticity, and a reduction of fine lines and a sleep-deprived face, they’ve hit the nail on the head – dark circles, be gone!

On to the final step, aka the star of the show – the Antioxidant Botanical Moisturiser. I don’t think I’m alone in saying my troubles when it comes to botanically-dense moisturisers is the oily residue that lingers. But on the other hand, I don’t want the product to evaporate as soon as it’s applied. Dope Skin Co seems to have heard my woes, and this product worked a treat! Fast absorbing and enriched with nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera, Kakadu plum, watermelon, and green tea, moisture is retained and insta-worthy skin is restored.

A canvas is nothing without a clear base, so let’s get glowing! Explore Dope Skin. Co’s organic hemp skincare here.

By Stamatina Notaras Caffeinated and chaotic, our resident Greek goddess Stamatina is often heard before she is seen.
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