Archway To Heaven: A Q&A With BNE’s Cult Favourite Brow Artist

Plus the deets behind her new location!

By Guest Styler | 26th August 2021

What started out as a hobby for Registered Nurse Ashleigh Hou, Browskii is now one of the most in-demand brow salons in Brisbane. From rogue caterpillars to perfect arches, your best set of brows is waiting for you…

Hi Ashleigh! You have a cult following for great brows in Brisbane. How did this come about?

At Browskii, we always aim to deliver the best possible service to our clients. We’re always looking for ways to be the leader in what we do. I think it’s our forward-thinking ethos and devoted clientele that really make Browskii what it is today.

What is the whirlwind story that led you to the world of beauty?

Whirlwind is right! I started out working as a Registered Nurse in local hospitals around Brisbane. I really enjoyed this as I’ve always been drawn to helping people. While I was living in Singapore with my family, I discovered eyebrow tattooing, and had to try it for myself. I’ve always had an interest in skin and beauty treatments and was amazed at how natural the results were. That was it, I was hooked! I decided I absolutely had to learn how to do cosmetic tattoo.

I started Browskii from a little room in Greenslopes and was taking clients whenever I could in my spare time. Word got out quickly, and suddenly I was always booked out! I started to limit my hours at the hospital so I could take on more bookings, but they just kept coming. Never in a million years did I think my dreams would come true. It’s crazy to think that all of this – a beautiful space and incredible team – happened all within just a few short years.

What does beauty mean to you?

Beauty is a complex concept. Sometimes, it’s about a certain look or style, but ultimately, I think my clients are all looking for confidence in themselves.

Are there any new services at the new location in Newstead?

Yes! We are adding medical hair restoration and skin rejuvenation through PRP treatments. We’re also launching a range of skin spa services soon too, so watch this space!

What’s next in store for Browskii?

The sky is the limit! I have loved the design and fit-out process with this salon, bringing my vision to life. I would love to continue to grow as a salon – to be front-of-mind for those looking to receive incredible experiences in a space that feels luxe and other worldly. It’s early days, so who knows what’s next!





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