Where’s The Ink? These Are BNE’s Best Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists

Where’s The Ink? These Are BNE’s Best Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists

Bad tattoos don’t have to last forever

By Astrid Taemets | 30th September 2021

Sometimes, we outgrow the things we used to love, and that’s okay! If you’re still sporting a tattoo from your younger years you wish would disappear, we’ve got news for you.

Laser tattoo removal techniques have come a looong way in recent years, and it’s the best way to zap a bit of ink from your skin for good. Below, we’ve listed the best places in BNE to start your laser tattoo removal journey. Hello new you, your fresh start awaits.


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Counterpunch Tattoo Removal


Owned and operated by tattoo lover Duncan Cameron, this ink removal studio packs a punch (pun intended) when it comes to treating unwanted ink. The friendly, relaxed, and welcoming environment is a direct reflection of Duncan himself, who always ensures his clients are as comfortable as possible, thoroughly comprehend the process, and have all their questions clearly answered prior to treatment. Using the Fotona Starwalker – a powerful Q-switch laser – to treat all colours successfully, Counterpunch is transparent about the process, and what they can do for you. Their integrity is a driving force for this studio, so they won’t sugar-coat anything just for a sale. Offering competitive prices, plus discounts for prepaid sessions, Counterpunch is a shop where customers leave with a smile.


Clinic 54


Based just a stone’s throw away from Style HQ, the trained technicians at Clinic 54 are a whizz at zapping unwanted ink away. Using Fotona QX-Max Laser technology that operates at four different wavelengths, the Clinic 54 crew can target specific pigment colours and multi-coloured tattoos. As the treatment can be painful for some clients, the caring staff offer topical and injected local anaesthetic (applied by their on-site doctor) to help improve your comfort levels during the process. Best of all, their treatments incorporate scar remodelling to ensure you get the best result possible at the end of your removal journey. Book a consultation with this friendly team and see just how easily – and effectively – tattoo removal can be.


Injex Clinics

Aspley and Capalaba

Erase mistakes of your past with the help of professionals who know just how to get the job done. At Injex Clincs, removing unwanted tattoos is now easier than ever before, thanks to their Q-Switched Nd-Yag technology that’s ideal for targeting darker inks, and can also assist in removing pigmentation. To get you on your way to becoming ink-fee, the process begins with a thorough consultation to identify how many appointments will be needed. While the treatment itself isn’t painful, this caring team understand the process can be uncomfortable, and apply medical grade numbing cream to take the edge off and ensure patient comfort. With doctors and nurses on hand, a cooling machine is also used during the process to minimise any discomfort. So, whether you’re regretting that zodiac sign on your shoulder, or the colourful butterfly inked on your ankle, this team can help you achieve a clean slate.


The Skin Lab

Spring Hill

With state-of-the-art technology at their disposal, the team at The Skin Lab can make even the unsightliest ink designs disappear! Using Cutera Enlighten III – a premier solution for laser tattoo removal – they have the power to clear all colours, variable ink particle sizes, and densities in just a few treatments. Head in and see this warm and welcoming team for a free consultation, where they’ll assess the tattoo and give you a quote before starting your tattoo-free journey. Performed by industry experts, your comfort and safety are their main focus, so you can be sure your experience at The Skin Lab will be a positive and memorable one.


Cutis Clinic


Outgrown the tatt you got when you turned 18? Cutis Clinic is here to help. Using PicoSure, the first specifically developed Picosecond tattoo removal laser, this team have the power behind them to fade your ink up to 80% faster and less painful than previous techniques. But that doesn’t mean they rush the process! Starting with an in-depth consultation in which the treatment is outlined, expectations and before and aftercare are discussed, the qualified team will assess your individual tattoo, taking into account tattoo size, location, ink colour, depth, tattoo age, your skin type, and more before discussing laser options. With treatments typically spaced eight weeks apart, and with around 8 – 12 sessions required to remove the ink, this team are here to make your journey as comfortable as possible.


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Article by Astrid Taemets

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