Brisbane’s Best Fraxel Treatments And Why You Need Them

Brisbane’s Best Fraxel Treatments And Why You Need Them

Youthful skin, here we come!

By Melissa Myrteza and Georgie Murray | 20th June 2019

Fraxel laser: what is it, where to go and is it safe? With so many beauty treatments claiming to be our saving grace to a youthful aesthetic, it’s hard to separate the good from the bad without taking a risky plunge.

Yes, it sounds scary but what actually is Fraxel? We’ve done our research.

For us laymen, it is a ‘sit back and relax’ style of treatment with powerful lasers energizing the skin and removing old and damaged cells. ‘Fraxel’ itself is the product type, with some clinics using the authentic Fraxel laser and others providing similar alterative laser treatments.

Once the latest layer of your skin is removed from your face, collagen and elastin production will run wild and create a fresh-faced you. But, let’s cut to the chase:

Does it hurt? Numbing ointment is used and it can sting like sunburn for 1 to 3 hours. Speak to a clinician about the specifics for your skin type and purpose for the procedure.

Is it safe? It’s non-invasive and not considered surgery, so that’s a start! Yes, Fraxel lasering is considered safe. As always, consult your clinician on your skin type and treatment purpose.

What’s it good for? Generally, people undergo Fraxel treatments for acne scarring, pigmentation, general skin imperfections and signs of aging.

Are you interested? We’ve rounded up our recommended clinics for Fraxel treatments so you know you’re in safe hands.

Cosmetic Image Clinics | Multiple Locations

When it comes to taking care of the skin, Cosmetic Image Clinics has risen to the next level by catering to everyone’s personal needs. Individually tailored Fraxel Resurfacing Treatments can suit a client’s career and lifestyle with assurance that they can work and play whilst still having a chance to appear and feel more youthful. Fraxel Skin Resurfacing provides smoother, fresher looking skin with improved tone, texture and pigmentation. This treatment also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and acne-scarring but isn’t just used on the face – it is also ideal for treating the neck, chest, arms, legs and back. Targeting ageing and sun-damaged skin, it stimulates your body’s own natural healing process, resulting in fresh, glowing and healthy skin. Cosmetic Image Clinics currently offer three options when it comes to the Fraxel Resurfacing including the Standard, which is a complete Fraxel Treatment with the deepest results, Fraxel Rejuvenation for the busy professional and Nano Fraxel, a treatment you can have on a Friday afternoon and be back at work punctually the following Monday with minimal downtime. A Fractora Fractional Resurfacing treatment is also offered at their West End outlet, using radio frequency to repair and rejuvenate the skin.


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Elysium Skin Centre | Herston

Boasting one of the few authentic Fraxel Dual® lasers in Brisbane, Elysium Skin Centre is a Fraxel® skin rejuvenation leader in South East Queensland. Cosmetic Physician Dr Csilla Novak has 25 years of experience in laser therapy including nine years using the Fraxel® laser. Among the seven lasers available at her clinic, Dr Csilla chose Fraxel® because it was the first to develop fractional laser, produces consistent and reliable results and remains the gold standard in laser rejuvenation. Dr Csilla has had several Fraxel® treatments herself and it shows in her flawless complexion. She understands the sensation, downtime and effectiveness of all of her procedures and this first-hand experience allows her to confidently discuss and advise the best treatments for her patients based on their individual concerns. Dr Csilla also maximises her results by paying careful attention to skin preparation and after-care. She and her staff closely monitor their patients, arrange regular follow-up visits and are available 24/7 for their patients' needs. If you are looking for an authentic Fraxel treatment in a clinic that really cares, you can’t go past Elysium Skin Centre at Herston.


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Westside Dermatology | Taringa

Performing several condition-specific fraxel treatments, Westside Dermatology is a leading Brisbane clinic. Known for reducing acne scarring, surgical scars and facial wrinkles, they offer fractionated laser treatments including a pulse fraxel laser peel, fraxel laser for sun spots and sun damage and fractionated photo-rejuvenation. Westside Dermatology will recommend what best suits your individual condition based on your skin condition, skin type and down time. This safe and effective fractional laser resurfacing uses Fraxel Dual, a combination of two wavelengths creating optimum results for each tailored treatment.

About Face Brisbane | North Lakes

With a focus on inclusivity and honesty, About Face Brisbane strive to provide informative and reassuring service to every client. Their qualified skin and laser technicians, a registered nurse or head doctor will walk you through each treatment to ensure you are comfortable, relaxed and aware of each step in the process. With their state-of-the-art lasers and using the latest equipment and techniques, you’re guaranteed to receive superior Fraxel results every time.


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Aesthetix | Auchenflower & Nundah

Are you seeking a one-on-one treatment with honest and genuine advice? Well, Aesthetix is the place for you! The professional staff at Aesthetix look after your every need and don’t recommend procedures if they are unnecessary or impractical. Dr Russel Hills is the principal surgeon at Aesthetix and is an experienced cosmetic dermatologist who performs many of the treatments using a non-ablative Fractional Laser. Aesthetix aim to provide consistent results in a non-traumatic, safe and effective way, so rest assured you’re in good hands!

Fiori Institute | Westfield Garden City

The Fiori Institute is Brisbane’s premier Fraxel clinic and offers a diverse range of treatments suitable for all skin conditions. Their institute is renowned for their incredible range of services and they are devoted to exceptional customer care. What sets this salon apart from the rest is that their staff are highly trained by industry leaders, including Dr. Davin Lim, one of Australia’s leading dermatologists. So, do you want that I’ve-just-returned-from-Euro-summer glow? Head to Garden City for some radiant results!


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Image by Laser | Aspley & Maroochydore

We’re sure you’ve already heard the rave reviews about Image by Laser, but you have to see for yourself! Offering Zip Pay and a 50% off your first treatment, your bank account is begging to test out their Fraxel treatment. At Image by Laser, they offer a free consultation with one of their skin experts who are dedicated to understanding their clients’ needs and concerns. With these discounts and free consultations, how could you say no to Image by Laser? Make sure you check out their Aspley or Maroochydore clinic to speak to an expert in the field and experience visible results.


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