Here’s Exactly What You Can Expect From A Game-Changing Fraxel Treatment

A brutally honest Q&A

By Astrid Taemets | 14th October 2022

So, you’ve tried all the creams on the market to fix those fine lines and wrinkles, evidence of sun damage, and acne scarring, but nothing seems to be having the desired effect? It might be time to consider a Fraxel treatment at Me Clinic – the gold standard procedure with game-changing results. 

Now, hear us out on this one, because Fraxel is not for the faint hearted, and is one of the more intense lasers, which means before you make an appointment, we need to talk about the discomfort level, the downtime, and the commitment. 

Girls, this isn’t a pamper session – it’s a results-driven treatment. And here’s exactly what you need to know before you put your face on the line…

What is Fraxel?

Fraxel is a non-invasive laser skin resurfacing treatment that quite literally changes the surface of your face to encourage new collagen and elastin growth. Versatile enough to treat everything from deep lines and winkles to age spots and freckles, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, seborrheic warts, and uneven skin texture, it produces thousands of tiny laser beams to a fraction of the skin (hence ‘Fraxel’) at a time that can penetrate into the middle layer of the skin to remove damaged tissue. Simultaneously, it prompts the regrowth of fresh, healthy skin and triggers the production of collagen to firm and tighten its surface. 

Is there prep work involved?

Ok, so there are a few things you should know that’ll result in a ‘no’ at your appointment. Fraxel is one treatment you need to take seriously, and that includes the prep work. Be honest about your sun exposure, and avoid it in the weeks prior and post-procedure. Additionally, if you have a history of cold sores or herpes, tell your skin aesthetician, as the heat of the laser and disruption of the epidermis can result in an outbreak, so you’ll need to start a course of antivirals to prevent this. 

Additionally, you’ll need to pause topical treatments that can irritate the skin in the lead up such as retinols, vitamin A, and similar products two weeks before your appointment. 

At Me Clinic, you’ll have a thorough consultation with their skin therapist ahead of any actual procedure to ensure you are a candidate for the treatment, and to cover any ground rules about before and after care that’ll seriously impact your experience and results. 

What can I expect during my Fraxel treatment?

While the procedure itself takes around 20 minutes, your skin aesthetician will apply a numbing cream that will need 60 minutes to rest before the action starts. 

As for the laser itself, it will feel hot, with the heat intensifying as they go over the targeted area. While uncomfortable, it is tolerable thanks to the numbing cream. 

Once your entire face has been targeted, a sunscreen and serum will be applied to your skin, but expect some face swelling and discomfort in the initial hours after your treatment as the numbing cream wears off. Your skin aesthetician will offer some solutions for this discomfort such as a cooling laser gel, a cold compress, and ice packs.

What is the downtime?

Let’s be frank: you will not be going out to dinner after this treatment, and you definitely won’t want to show face at an event in the five to seven days after Fraxel. During the first few days post-treatment you can expect redness, throbbing, and a sunburn-like swelling, but by day three your skin will start to roughen like sandpaper, and peel. While it may be tempting to pick at, you must resist the urge to interfere with the process, and allow your skin to heal on its own or you may risk scarring. By days five to seven, your skin should be beaming. Why, hello glow! 

How many treatments do I need?

The answer to that will depend on what skin concern you’re targeting. Those wanting to treat issues such as hyperpigmentation should see visible improvements from a single treatment, while those wanting to target lines, wrinkles, and scars may require up to six sessions spaced several weeks apart to achieve their desired result. 

Are the results worth it?

Fraxel is the gold standard in laser treatment, so while it may seem like a lot of legwork and a bit of discomfort on your end (we told you it would be a commitment!), those who have experienced Fraxel praise it for its skin resurfacing results. Yep, the juice is worth the squeeze. 

How much does it cost?

At Me Clinic, a single treatment costs $1,150. Before you balk at the price, keep in mind how much you’ve been forking out for supposed miracle creams that haven’t cut the mustard. 

Are you ready to try this game-changing treatment? Contact Me Clinic here to get started.

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