Wake Up And Go With BNE's Best Cosmetic Tattooists

Wake Up And Go With BNE's Best Cosmetic Tattooists

By Astrid Taemets | 8th December 2021

Not everyone is genetically #blessed with the perfect set of brows. But thanks to cosmetic tattooing, you can fake it!

From faux freckles to lip blushing and perfect arches, cosmetic tattooing can work wonders for your features while cutting your getting ready time in half. Biiig tick.

So, if you're ready to flaunt your best self every day, take your pick from our list of the best cosmetic tattoo artists dotted across our sunny city, and get set to wake up feeling flawless.

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Glowtique Studio


This team are specialists in their craft, ensuring that every client who enters leaves feeling refreshed and refined. Their cosmetic tattoo services include brow enhancement and correction, along with beautiful lip blush treatments to give a fuller, healthier and younger appearance, leaving you with a striking look best suited to your unique features. Additionally, they offer semi-permanent makeup solutions (eyeliner and lip treatments), scalp micropigmentation hair loss solutions, and dermal micro-needling. While some technicians may practice a specific look, the Glowtique team understand that one size does not fit all. Instead, these aesthetic specialists are trained in assessing facial structure, skin tone, and more, to ensure your new look not only enhances your features, but flatters your overall appearance. Their safe, gentle, and detailed application is renowned in the business. Expect only the best from this talented team.

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Preah Love


Fall in love with your features thanks to this skilled team, who can transform, enhance, and work wonders. Offering customised cosmetic tattooing, they specialise in naturally fluffy brows, combination brows, smudge-proof lip blush, natural sun-kissed freckles, and scalp micro pigmentation for those who experience hair loss or thinning. With a drive to help you feel your best self with bespoke treatments to elevate your individual beauty, you’ll love the results created here.

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The Brow Cosmetic Tattoo

Mount Gravatt

No matter what cosmetic tattoo treatment you’re here for, expect extraordinary service at an affordable price. Here, you’ll be treated to a bespoke design that complements your features, whether it’s cosmetic tattoo lips, eyeliner, or eyebrows. With expert technicians on the floor, this team listen to your wants and desires, and will tailor a look just for you. With regular touch-up appointment alerts sent right on time, you’ll maintain your new look with ease. They even offer Afterpay, so you have all the more reason to indulge and flaunt your best self!

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Injex Clinics

Aspley and Capalaba

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your brows are the window frames. At Injex, they use a combination of machine tattooing micropigmentation, as well as a hand-held tool to define your brows with natural-looking, hairlike strokes. Specialising in cosmetic tattoo for brows, Injex create full, natural-looking shapes that look perfect 24/7. As a medical clinic, this team are able to apply medical grade numbing cream to ensure maximum comfort is achieved. The best part? They offer a complementary touch-up at the six-week mark. Now that’s value for money!

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Niki P Brows


Specialising in ombre and combination brow tattooing, Niki P Brows is the place to transform your arches into a work of art. Highly trained in using the digital machine to implant the pigment, Niki’s chosen technique offers brows suitable for all skin types, without damaging the skin’s integrity. The process results in a longer retention of pigment and a minimised chance of scarring. Emulating hair strokes and/or subtle or defined shading, the healed result is natural, effortless, and effective. For those looking to start their cosmetic tattoo journey here, Niki offers thorough consultations to ensure you fully understand the process, including aftercare, healing expectations, and the future of your tattoo, to give full transparency of the treatment and to ensure new clients are 100% comfortable with their decision to proceed. Niki will work with you to achieve your desired outcome, whether that’s a strong, defined brow, or a softer, more subtle set. Together, you’ll design and create the brows of your dreams. Niki also specialises in lip blush tattooing, eyeliner enhancement tattoos, and saline removal for those who want the works!




Elevate your beauty game with a makeover at Browskii. Here, they can transform your brows, lips, and eyes to enhance your facial features and minimise your getting ready time. Bring colour, depth, and shape to your lips (and kiss goodbye to lipstick – literally!), with a lip blush treatment, or create fuller arches thanks to their feather touch, ombre or combination brow tattoo treatments. Whichever brow option you decide, you’ll be privy to a comprehensive skin and brow assessment that includes a shape and tint, as well as an in-depth consultation into which custom approach will suit you best. Add the illusion of fuller lashes and a more defined eye shape by booking their lash enhancement liner treatment. They also offer baby wing liner tattooing, a subtle extension to the tight liner look for those looking to further enhance their eyes. Specialising in analysing your face and features to create a naturally enhanced look, Browskii can shave years off your age with these subtle but oh-so-effective treatments.

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Simply Laser

Brisbane City

Whether you’re after a subtle enhancement of your natural features or a bolder, more defined look, this experienced team of cosmetic professionals can customise their procedure to meet your needs. Implanting pigment into the skin to mimic hairstrokes through microblading, the Simply Laser team can create the effect of fuller, bushier, symmetrical brows that require little to no maintenance. Worked and trained all over the world, this team are specialists in creating arches that look natural and enhance your natural beauty.

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Brows by Sarah


Wakeup with makeup when you’re treated to the brilliant artistry work performed by Brows by Sarah. Here, your treatment is personalised to suit you, thanks to Sarah’s creative vision to enhance your natural features. You’ll love the subtle – yet effective – natural-looking results she creates. From bold, fluffy brows to light, feathery arches, her ability to tweak the treatment to suit your face shape and skin tone means you’ll feel more confident than ever by the new and improved you! From feather touch brows, to ombre and combination, you’ll love the options at Brows by Sarah. But keep an eye out on her menu – in 2022 she’ll be adding lip blush and faux freckles to her list of treatments!

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Bespoke Brows


With the belief that well-shaped and correctly proportioned brows can frame your face, enhance your features, pull together a makeup look, and give you the confidence to step out makeup-free, a cosmetic tattoo treatment at Bespoke Brows really is lifechanging. Suitable for anyone wanting to enhance their natural features or spend less time applying makeup, cosmetic tattoo treatments are the answer to all your problems. At Bespoke Brows, owner Jemma performs eyebrow tattooing in the form of ombré, combo, and feather brows, as well as lip blush tattooing and lash line tattooing. Each treatment here begins with a thorough assessment of a client’s features in detail to ensure a bespoke look is mapped out that’s perfect for them. This private, boutique beauty studio is ideal for those seeking a personalised client experience, where soft, natural results are a guarantee.

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Skin Management Club

Eatons Hill

Give yourself a much-deserved makeover with a treatment or two to transform your features. At the Skin Management Club, they’ll meticulously create the perfect pair of arches for your face with the help of cosmetic tattooing that’ll fix uneven, sparse eyebrows by creating the perfect shape.  With a thorough consultation, they’ll precisely map out the right shape and colour for you, while also educating you on aftercare and touch-up requirements. Here, they believe good eyebrows can make the world of difference, and are committed to helping you achieve your ideal look.

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