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Homegrown, globally adored

By Style Journos | 17th May 2024

From groundbreaking innovations like Google Maps and Wi-Fi to wine casks and zinc cream, Australians have a history of inventing game-changing products. When it comes to beauty, Australia has an ever-evolving list of household faves. We may have a slightly unbalanced view here but here at Style, we think that Australia is home to some of the world’s best beauty brands. From SPF formulations that WILL save face to fragrances crafted with the finest ingredients, Australia’s contribution to the beauty world is unmatched.

Check out below the best homegrown brands from Australian beauty gurus that will change your beauty game for good.


Go-to Skincare

Founded by our national treasure, Zoe Foster Blake, Go-To Skincare is a simple, no-fuss, cruelty-free brand that takes the complexity out of skincare. As an ex-beauty editor, Zoe spent years trialling hundreds of beauty products and quickly learnt which ingredients worked and which didn’t. So, she created Go-To to give women the chance to use high-quality, naturally-derived products that not only delivered results but are also enjoyable to slather on – with product names like ‘Very Useful Face Cream’, ‘Face Hero’ and ‘Exfoliating Swipeys’, we can confirm these products encased in peach packaging are indeed fun to use! Think of Go-To skincare as the scaffolding of your skincare routine, and fill in the blanks with any serums and targeted treatments from other brands to suit your skin type.

Frank Body

Frank Body took our Instagram feeds by storm several years ago and there’s no sign of the brand being swept under the rug any time soon. Since it’s establishment in 2013, the cheeky Melbourne-based coffee scrub brand has generated a worldwide cult following. Frank also creates super hydrating and nourishing coffee body scrubs and clean, cost-effective skincare products.

Ultra Violette

Australian sunscreen brand, Ultra Violette, is the newest kid on the beauty block. We know the Australian sun is super harsh and damaging to our delicate skin and that it’s vital to wear SPF daily, however, how many of us actually do this? Often, sunscreens are sticky, heavy and pore-clogging and just the total opposite to a product we’d want to put on our face. Ultra Violette heard our cries for help and have created high-protection SPFs that you are so lightweight that you wouldn’t even know you were wearing sunscreen. Simply apply Ultra Violette after your regular skincare routine and Bob’s your uncle.


Lanolips is perhaps one of the most renowned Australian brands and for a great reason. Lanolips lip and body products are created with lanolin – an ingredient that is found on sheep’s wool to protect their coat from drying out. Animal lovers, fear not. Lanolin is a 100% cruelty-free ingredient and is even vegetarian-friendly. Lanolin mimics human oils on the skin, meaning it’s a super hydrating and nourishing ingredient. 


Since starting out over 25 years ago, Rationale has reached cult status. Rationale users even say that once you start using this luxe, ultra-exclusive skincare brand, it’s almost as if you’ve joined a an exclusive club. We think the brand’s air of mystery might have something to do with this, but regardless, the products are insanely good. Rationale is founded on the idea of the ‘Essential Six’ where users commit to using a strict six step skincare routine split into the morning and evening. While this can sound tedious to some, the results are addictive!


Discover Kit skincare, your go-to for tailored face and body products, handy tools, and herbal ingestibles. From morning routines to on-the-go touch-ups, Kit has you covered with hard-working essentials designed to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Their best-selling Skinkind Face Oil finished off with their Gua Sha is sure to add a little extra love to your skincare routine.

Strange Luxury

Injecting a touch of opulence into the ordinary, Strange Luxury emerges as a revolutionary skincare line powered by the SL8 blend. Conceived and nurtured in Melbourne by Bella Geminder, Strange Luxury embodies the ethos of ‘less is more’, particularly for delicate skin. Their guiding principle is to reduce congestion, offering a sleeker, more refined approach to skincare.

Alpha-H Skincare

Hailing from the Gold Coast, Alpha-H staunchly advocates cruelty-free practices and spearheads the clean beauty revolution. Michelle Doherty, the visionary behind the brand, drew inspiration from her personal struggle with adult acne to pioneer the introduction of glycolic and accelerating acids in the local market. With an extensive track record spanning over 25 years, Alpha-H has solidified its position as a leading exporter of premium skincare from Australia.

Grown Alchemist

Grown Alchemist emerged to fill a void in the market, driven by brothers Keston and Jeremy Mujis’ vision of blending chic simplicity with potent scientific skincare efficacy. Grown Alchemist has soared to become one of Australia’s most renowned exports, stocking in the iconic Calile Hotel.


Many Australian bathrooms are familiar with Aesop soap, but their skincare is just as good, with their skin range being nothing short of a sensory journey. Aesop is all about blending natural ingredients and meticulous formulations to create skincare, haircare, and body care products that transform daily routines into indulgent rituals. From their famous Parsley Seed collection to their luxurious hand washes and fragrances, each item is crafted for effectiveness and enjoyment, turning everyday moments into sensorial delights. 


Saor embodies the pure essence shaped by nature. It features a blend of papaya, persimmon, Kakadu plum, and Irish sea moss crafted with love. Their focus is on skincare postbiotic products that are gentle on the skin, nurture its natural barrier, and appeal to the whole family. Read more about this fantastic brand here


Proven, personal and powerful pretty much sums up the essence of Ultraceuticals. Delivering results for 25 years, Ultraceuticals was founded by Dr. Geoffrey Heber, one of Australia’s leading cosmetic physicians. Recognising a need for high-performing skincare products absent from department stores, Dr Heber developed a range of skincare that would maintain and enhance the visible results for his clients. Heavily backed by science, this skincare brand is focused on a personalised, tailored approach to every individual’s skin.

Mecca Cosmetica

Recognised by the Sunday Times Style Beauty Awards 2024, Mecca Cosmetica, Mecca’s exclusive skincare product range, offers a range of products that have become essential for Australian women. The To Save Face SPF50+ Facial Sunscreen has secured its spot as a staple in the skincare routines and vanities of many Australians with their Skin Brightening Vitamin C Serum also being a beloved favourite amongst the crowd.


Celebrating indigenous elements and botanical essences, Leif crafts body skincare inspired by the Australian landscape. Entirely sourced and produced in Australia, their cruelty-free, vegan formulas are a testament to their commitment. Gentle and calming, their range caters to all skin types, with staples like the refreshing Lemon Myrtle Body Cleanser ideal for daily use.

Naked Sundays

Bursting with vibrancy, Naked Sundays crafts a delightful fusion of skincare and SPF in its range. Revel in its offbeat yet compassionate offerings, from luminous mists to balm sticks and the tempting fragrance of coconut-infused lip oils.


Mecca Max

Mecca has emerged as Australia’s premier destination for prestige beauty. It boasts it’s own, exclusive makeup brand, Mecca Max, which has been cultivated with over 25 years of passion and dedication to beauty. From its affordable sell-out products to the beloved Off Duty Contour Sticks, Mecca has something for every step of your makeup routine.


Defying traditional norms in clean beauty, ILIA crafts innovative formulas that prioritise safety and potency. Embraced by celebrities like Kate Hudson and Pamela Anderson, this conscious makeup brand embodies nourishment, allowing natural radiance to shine. Whether one prefers a minimal look or no-makeup makeup, ILIA promises to impress.

Eye of Horus Cosmetics

From the salty shores of Byron Bay, Eye of Horus is dedicated to crafting pure, conscientious beauty essentials. Crafted to deliver a ‘naturally radiant’ aesthetic, their lineup of organic cosmetics aims to accentuate your inherent beauty. Among their acclaimed offerings are the Divine Lashes Mascara, Botanical Lip Nectar, and Radiant Skin Veil Foundation, each garnering numerous accolades.

Lust Minerals

Lust Minerals, an Australian skincare and makeup brand, is dedicated to clean beauty, becoming a favourite among chemical-conscious consumers. Founder Stacey Hollands is on a mission to educate women about the dangers of harmful chemical-based beauty products and hence developed a range of clean, high-performance products that are not only effective and good for our health but also affordable, making them a win for both our skin and our wallets.


Who Is Elijah

Crafted with a conscientious touch in Sydney, Who is Elijah prioritises cruelty-free practices and artisanal hand-filling. Rooted in ethics and sustainability, the brand exudes a contemporary, sleek allure that effortlessly translates into its fragrances, catering perfectly to the minimalist at heart.



In the budding world of perfumery, Melbourne’s Pedrisât stands out with its emphasis on quality over quantity. With a penchant for exclusivity, each fragrance is meticulously curated and released in limited quantities. Their inaugural release comprised a mere 20 bottles, ensuring rarity and intrigue. Stay vigilant for their next bespoke scent, promising another elusive olfactory experience.


Ficifolia captures the essence of Australian experiences through its fragrances. From the refreshing notes of Intermission to the invigorating scent of Out of Office and the delicate aroma of Rose Street, each perfume evokes memories of cherished places, beloved people, and enduring traditions, enveloping us in a sensory journey through time and space.


Embracing a gender-neutral ethos and cruelty-free practices, Sśaint perfumes are thoughtfully crafted, drawing inspiration from global landscapes and nostalgic scent memories. Their fragrance “Cosmic Bang,” boasting notes of tobacco, cedar, and bergamot, promises an alluring olfactory journey that captivates the senses.

The Raconteur

It’s a safe bet that anyone who’s savoured an Australian summer holds a special nostalgia for its essence, and The Raconteur has deftly captured this sentiment in a fragrance. Beyond perfumes, The Raconteur also crafts exquisite candles and reed diffusers, offering further avenues to immerse yourself in their intoxicating scents and enrich your daily life with their evocative fragrances.






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