Face Off: An Injectable Nurse Spills The Truth On Your Questions 

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By Dinushka Gunasekara | 25th October 2023

Once upon a time, the world of cosmetic injectables was filled with intrigue and speculation, but today these game-changing treatments have never been more popular. With recent studies showing that anti-wrinkle injections alone are administered more than 5 million times a year, modern injectable treatments are less about plumping our pouts and chiselling our cheeks, as so many people opt for almost undetectable changes to refresh or maintain a natural look.

Naturally a treatment with *that* much potential garners a whole lot of questions and luckily for us, the expert team at Artisan Clinics are always on hand to give you the candid and comprehensive answers you deserve. We invited readers to submit the questions they’ve always wanted to ask an injectable nurse, and the lovely (and talented!) Colette from Artisan Clinics’ Kenmore location has come back with the goods. With no truths spared, scroll on and discover everything you want to know from an injectable nurse…    

Once you start getting injectables, can you ever stop?

Yes, you can stop getting injectables and all that will happen is your movement will return to normal and your muscles will function as they were. Typically, anti-wrinkle injections last 3-4 months, however once you stop your treatment, your fine lines and wrinkles may return.   

Does an injectable nurse do their own injectables?

Absolutely not – it is not advisable to treat your own injectables. We are governed and regulated by the TGA (Therapeutic Good Association) and all cosmetic injections require a valid prescription from an authorised prescriber such as a medical doctor or nurse practitioner before the procedure goes ahead.

Can anti-wrinkle injections help with jaw pain?

Jawline pain and tension can be relieved using anti-wrinkle treatment and is proven to be very effective. It can also relieve tension for headaches, relieve teeth grinding (bruxism), and improve jaw tension. Treatment is usually recommended every 4-6 months. 

Be honest, how bad does it hurt?

Pain is very subjective, therefore every individual experiences the treatment differently. It also depends on what particular treatment you are having at the time. If it is anti-wrinkle, we describe it as a brief sting however once the injection is completed, there will be no pain at all. If you are having dermal filler, we have a range of pain management solutions to keep you comfortable throughout your treatment.

What happens if I don’t like my results?  

Consultation is key, so it’s important to have a thorough consultation with the clinician to ensure you are getting the correct treatment for your needs. If you aren’t happy with your results, you can always return to discuss where they may adjust your dosage. Here at Artisan Clinics, we offer a complimentary two-week review check to ensure both you and your clinician are happy with your results. 

If I get injectables, will I just look like everyone else?

In the right hands, injectables can help you look like a naturally refreshed version of yourself. An experienced clinician will tailor every treatment to each individual, and won’t make you look the same as everyone else. Choosing an experienced clinician from a reputable clinic is key to achieving a great result so make sure you do your research.

Can you get injectables to stop sweating?

Anti-wrinkle treatment is an effective way to prevent sweating and can be treated to the palms of the feet, hands, and the axillary muscles. This is known as hyperhidrosis and treatment usually lasts around 4-6 months. 

Can skincare affect the results of my injectables?

It’s important to treat both the muscle and the skin to achieve a great result so use anti-wrinkle to minimise the frown lines, and then a prescribed skincare routine to improve the quality of the skin. By using active ingredients topically to the skin, you’ll help prolong the effects of injectable treatments and support your overall skin health. 

How do I know that I’ve found the right injectable nurse for me?

When you know, you know! It is always important to make sure you have a full understanding of any treatment, including any risks or complications. You should always feel informed, educated, and comfortable before proceeding with any treatment. Always do your research and check your injector’s qualifications and years of experience, and even ask for some before and after photos. Ensure you receive a proper pre-treatment consultation where you can discuss your goals, and have any concerns answered. 

For an honest injectable experience you can trust, book a consult with Artisan Clinics here.

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