Let’s be real, exercising regularly and eating our five fruits and veggies daily can be easier said than done. While there’s nothing quite like the nutrients from whole foods, sometimes we need a little bit of help in order to keep our body happy and working at its optimum level. When our body isn’t functioning at its best, we can tend to feel sluggish, lethargic, have difficulties concentrating and our sleep patterns may suffer. To help you kickstart your body and feel your absolute best this summer, we have teamed up with Vida Glow to give one lucky reader the chance to score a beauty supplement prize pack!

The Vida Glow prize pack contains 3 beauty supplement powders including: Beauty Mind, Beauty Cleanse and Beauty Sleep. You might be wondering, what is so special about these supplements? Well, allow us to explain!


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Beauty Mind contains herbs, anti-oxidant rich foods and vitamins to assist in improving mental clarity, energy levels, focus and stamina. This powder is designed to help you achieve a healthy and relaxed mind so that you can complete your daily tasks at your full potential. Who knows, you might even be able to skip the double shot lattes after a few weeks of taking this!

Beauty Cleanse is perfect for those who suffer from skin conditions (acne, psoriasis and eczema), anxiety or feel sluggish and bloated. This powder assists your body in removing toxic waste and truly cleanses you from the inside out. It contains phytochemicals, pre and probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. This would be the perfect product to get your body back into gear after indulging during the festive season.


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Do you often feel tired thanks to irregular sleep patterns or poor sleep quality? Beauty Sleep might be right up your alley! This supplement will help to calm your body and get you to drift off to sleep quickly so that your body can properly rejuvenate and repair itself. Did you know that when we sleep, our bodies release a growth hormone that is vital for creating collagen production? Collagen is vital for keeping our skin and joints in tip top condition, so you could say getting your beauty sleep is key!

Enter below for your chance to win this awesome prize pack!

Prize breakdown:

1 x Vida Glow Gift Pack valued at $178.95 including: x1 Beauty Mind, x1 Beauty Cleanse and x1 Beauty Sleep supplements.

Total prize value: $178.95

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