Co-owners Paul Johnston and Tracy Sinclair wanted to create a magazine for locals, packed full of lifestyle, fashion and foodie fixes, which also supported small businesses and entrepreneurs in Brisbane. The first issue of Style was 16 pages with a distribution of 11,000 copies around Ascot and Clayfield. Fast-forward almost two decades and from its humble beginnings, Style Magazines has now blossomed into the authority on all things Brisbane. Distributing 60,000 copies of our magazine each month around the greater Brisbane area, we aid our loyal followers with finding the must-have local products, newcomers on the dining scene and the best upcoming events in the city and on the coast.

After rapid expansion, our greatest challenge was trying to include all of the new businesses and events in Brisbane into a free magazine. Enter, the digital expansion. The Style Magazines’ strong online presence and social engagement means we are constantly building our reputation in the community and reaching new readers, making advertising more effective than ever.

Maintaining a homegrown feel with an upscale aesthetic and heavier cover has put Style pride-of-place on the coffee tables of cute and quirky cafes, thriving local businesses and affluent Brisbane homes. We leave Hollywood celebs to other publications; we’re all about uncovering local talent making Brisbane better. Our predominantly female readership means Style reigns supreme in the local fashion stakes, creating prime positions for effective, well-written advertorial content and advertising.

After working closely with shopping centre clients in Style, our business organically grew to include our content marketing arm. We offer custom publications, social media management, and personalised e-newsletters sent straight to your database. We create beautiful magazines with luxe fashion shoots, engaging editorial and attractive, effective layouts. We tailor each publication to ensure we are helping the client tell their story. The result is a table-worthy publication readers want to hold on to and increased sales and foot traffic in our centres. We handle the project end-to-end, with no business too big or too small.

With the ever-changing publishing industry Style is constantly evolving and expanding our print magazine, strong digital presence and content marketing service. The biggest thing co-owner Tracy Sinclair says she’s learnt over the years is that you simply can’t do it all yourself.

“Employ people who know more than you do or have skills that you don’t. Trust, empower and delegate.”

The team at Style now includes 25 full-time staff members and includes a range of innovative designers, salespeople, journalists, photographers and stylists on-hand to create effective media to showcase your business, and the best of Brisbane.

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