Love Em’ And Leave Em’! This Is Your Tropical Island Packing Guide

Love Em’ And Leave Em’! This Is Your Tropical Island Packing Guide

What to leave home with, and what to leave at home!

By Melissa Myrteza | 16th April 2019

While a floral beach bag filled with a few bikinis is an enticing packing strategy, there are a few select items we would recommend bringing on a tropical trip and leaving at home. The curse of overpacking has haunted even the best of us, as we lug around those heavy block heels or that extra jacket through large airports and across bustling streets. “In case” is a phrase that justifies our packing craze, wanting to transport our entire wardrobe across oceans with us. Stop right there! We’re here to tell you that it’s just not worth it. Leave the six handbags at home and pack with intention, because there is a trip to Hawai on offer and there are certain things that shouldn’t get on that plane with you. This is your guide on what to pack on a tropical holiday.


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The In-Flight Outfit

While it’s easy to get caught in a cloud of Hawaiian air, think ahead and make the all-important plane outfit choice with intention. Channelling airport-chic is not out of the question! Active wear makes its appropriate, timely resurgence in airport lounges and we whole-heartedly approve. Comfort is key so think flexibility. Baggy clothes come in handy when you’re on the verge of sleep or trying to get your all-important compression socks on. On that note, never underestimate the power of aeroplane air-conditioning – it gets even the best of us! Make sure you’ve got a light, cosy cardigan ready and waiting. Socks are also your best friends, which is why sneakers or slides are the real winners. Providing comfort and style, they can do no wrong.


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Packing light is an art. Not only are you lugging less weight through the charming streets of Waikiki but you are leaving ample room for the mandatory shopping spree! For once, those beachy curls can remain untamed, as it adds to your luscious island vibe!


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The fear of living out of a suitcase has caused more than one heart palpitation. But the key to packing for a tropical destination is going minimal. You will be out and about daily, both sightseeing and exploring which means you’re not going to be in your Sunday best too often. Pack one pair of statement sneakers, one timeless pair of nude heels, Havaianas for the beach and one pair of comfortable sandals. The ease of summer packing means you can choose lightweight garments made of linens and silks that are easy to re-wear. Opting for dresses means that you can ditch the stress of styling an outfit on the mornings when you wake up on holiday mode. Leave behind the hard to match wardrobe pieces, swapping them out for a staple linen button up or a classic denim skirt. They key is packing pieces that will match with more than one other item. Trust us on this.


Make sure your luggage is reliable, because you don’t want to risk any damage to your valuables inside! Hard-case luggage is always our go-to. While we’re on the luggage note, keep an eye out for personalised passport holders and luggage tags! We love these solid, fashionable wheels that will compliment any look:

Black Personalised Suitcase | The Daily Edited
Juno Metallic DLX | Antler
Varro White Spinner | Samsonite
Viva Hardside Spinner | Antler
Be Smashing | All Aluminium Aviation Grade Suitcase
Modern Dream Spinner | American Tourister


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While it’s tempting to throw in every single pair you own because of their convenient size, resist the temptation! Lots of bikinis quickly take up valuable space, so be brutal! Choose the pieces that are easy to mix and match. Bringing a foundation of block coloured bikini pieces will allow you to effortlessly match bolder patterns and textures. You might even come home with coconuts tied in string!


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The Carry-On

When you’re on a long-haul flight it’s important to remember to pack a few important pieces in your carry-on bag. Things like roll-on deodorant (opt for natural options) and a water bottle are the normal routine. Aside from various skin essentials that will keep you hydrated, there are a few other important must-have’s!

The Novel

Don’t forget to pack a book! If you’re thinking ‘thank you, next!’, the majority of holidayers decide to skip the book, which is usually followed by an impulsive novel purchase from an overpriced airport vendor. Before you leave, find a book that you will find engaging when lazing on Waikiki Beach, cocktail in hand! Don’t forget E-Books are a great option for saving space. Whether you’re after an insider look into Hawaiian life or authentic travel inspiration, we would recommend:

Hawaii | James A. Michener & Steve Berry
The Art of Travel | Alain De Botton
Best of Hawaii | Lonely Planet
Atlas Obscura | Joshua Foer
Travels in the Land of Serpents and Pearls | Marco Polo
I Heart Hawaii | Lindsey Kelk


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The Neck Pillow

Our ultimate travel companion is the humble travel pillow. Our top tip is to look for a travel pillow that is flat and soft! They’re cheap, compact and effective – a combination we adore. As odd as it sounds, the more flexibility it has the more comfortable it will be. Majority of travel pillows are thick memory foam blocks that won’t provide any comfort when flush against a padded plane chair.

Another essential feature of the travel pillow is a clip! This will stop your head from bopping about on the long journey when you’ve had one too many Merlot’s! It also means you can clip it to your carry-on bag when it’s stuffed full with Lai’s. Some other game-changing features are an attached hoodie or the ability to turn it into a normal rectangular pillow. We love the ones below!

Pillow Talk | Travel Neck Pillow
Cotton On | Neck Pillow With Hood


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Sound Cancelling Headphones

From first class to business, over to economy, noise travels – trust us. Do yourself a favour and invest in sound cancelling headphones so that bubbly conversation next to you doesn’t affect the Harry Potter ending. Again.

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