Wacky Themed Hotels You Need to Visit

Wacky Themed Hotels You Need to Visit

Any place that has miniature homes hidden in trees is OK with us.

By Leith Wilson | 8th June 2016

Sick and tired of run-of-the-mill holidays? SO. ARE. WE. That’s why we’ve searched the inter-webs for the coolest and wackiest themed hotels in the land world. Because everyone likes a snazzy hotel room. Don’t kid yourself.

The Shire of Montana, USA

Did someone say HOBBIT HOUSE? Why yes. Yes, they did. Think enchantments, fairies and all things magical, because it’s time to get HOBBITIFIED! It may be on the other side of the world, but we are so there. We will hire eagles. Any place that has miniature homes hidden in trees, trademark round green doors and picturesque scenery is OK with us. Lovers of Middle-Earth will fall in love with this replica of Tolkien’s world.

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Image via Hobbit House website

The Georgian House Hotel, England

OK, you may not run at Platform 9 ¾ (we totally would) or get inducted into magic school (devastating) but you will get one mighty fine Hogwarts experience at The Georgian House Hotel. Cue fist pump! Let your childhood memories come to life and sleep like Harry in the Wizard Chambers. Five point to Gryffindor! Boasting a gothic feel, the rooms are equipped with four-poster beds, potion bottles and cauldrons to make everything that much more amazing. You can even schedule a tour to the Warner Bros. Studio to see where the films were made and get your picture taken on a BROOMSTICK. A. FREAKING. FLYING. BROOMSTICK.

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Image: The Georgian House Hotel website

Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht, South Korea

Ahoy, sailor! Want to know what it feels like to be on a cruise ship, without the… err… water? Well, perched on a cliff off a costal beach in South Korea is the world’s first on-land cruise-themed resort. Yep, you heard us right. A mammoth 165 metres in length and 45 metres high, the liner has more than 211 rooms, a revolving sky lounge, a karaoke room, seawater outdoor pool and Grand Ballroom. Because sailing around the world on a cruiser was so last year.

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Image: Sun Cruise website

Jumbo Stay, Sweden

If there’s any way to get over your fear of flying, it’s by spending the night in a jumbo jet… in a hostel… in a jumbo jet hostel. WHAT?! All 450 seats have been ripped out of this decommissioned 747-200 jumbo jet and replaced with singles, dorms and suite rooms. And forget dodgy aeroplane food; the plane has a café where you can purchase delicious meals. Even if you don’t plan on staying the night, aviation enthusiasts can get an exclusive tour of the plane!

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Image: Pinterest

The Library Hotel, USA

Bookworms, rejoice! New York’s Library Hotel will have you curled up with a book for your entire stay. With a collection of more than 6000 books, each level of the hotel is categorised by a different genre. Like social sciences? Book a room on level three. If you’re more of an art fan, try your hand at level seven.

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Image: Pinterest

Legoland, USA

This is a hotel the kids will absolutely adore. (Or adults! There’s no judgement here!) Five storeys high, the Florida resort will let your creative side flourish with Lego surprises scattered throughout. You can even bring your inner kid out with Lego-themed rooms. Just watch your feet for any sharp objects!

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Image: Chip Litherland, via Wow Amazing website

V8 Hotel, Germany

Motor buffs, start your engines! That’s a thing, right? I don’t know. Just get excited, because Germany is home to an exclusive V8 Hotel. I’m talking racing, drive-in cinema and carwash-themed rooms. And if you want to ride (I mean sleep) in premium class, give the Mercedes Suite a whirl. For those who want to step back in time, wander through their museum of cars – it’s brimming with 125 years of automotive history!

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Image: V8 Hotel website

Wonderland House, England

Grab Alice, The Mad Hatter and even the Cheshire Cat because you, my friend, are late for a very important date. A date at Wonderland House, to be precise. Sleeping up to 24 guests, this seafront location will let you sleep in style with Alice, The Queen of Hearts and Flamingo Dreams themed rooms. They even have a Mad Hatter dining room where you can host the ultimate tea party. The SEATS ARE TEACUPS. Can they invent teleporting already?

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Image: Wonderland House website

Seven Hotel, France

You’d better have your licence to thrill because Seven Hotel is offering the true spy experience. Round up your fellow secret agent fanatics, and get ready to have your martinis shaken, not stirred as you relax in a Parisian James Bond suite.

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Image: Seven Hotel website

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Article by Leith Wilson

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