MasterChef and MKR may have motivated us to get a little more adventurous as home cooks but it is bodacious bartenders everywhere who have inspired us to add garnishes, citrus, and cream to our shopping lists.

Perhaps there is a My Cocktail Rules show brewing at Channel 7, but until then what better way to educate our tastebuds in the craft of cocktailing than by observing the mixology masters in person at any of the laneway cocktail bars booming in popularity all around the country. As much as we love our awesome cocktail bars in Brisbane, Melbourne has tonnes of fantastic food and beverage offerings too. So, we’ve scouted where to visit on your next trip away to Melbs!

At the Trinket Bar in central Melbourne both the kitchen and the cocktails rule, with an inspiring menu and luscious liquor list to entice you into its decadent depths. Indulge in tantalising share plates, tasty bar bites, fresh salads and seafoods perfectly paired with an alluring cocktail.


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At night get deep dark and mysterious with Trinket’s expertly engineered, tweaked and twisted take on the Classic Manhattan, Espresso Martini or Ramos Gin Fizz. Tighten your seatbelt and secure your tray table before you sip on an Amelia Earhart, Trinket’s version of the popular Aviation cocktail. Or get mezcal-messy with a delicious Disconcerting DJ, blending vodka, mezcal, coconut cordial and bay leaf for a groovy concoction.

The experts are predicting a new level of food-driven cocktails will gain popularity in 2019. As Turmeric has found its way into our smoothies already, it is primed to become the next super-ingredient in our cocktails too. And believe it or not the vitamin-laden mushroom is making a play for our glasses as well as our dinner plates as mushroom-infused spirits join the party in 2019.

Whether we embrace this trend remains to be seen, but Trinket’s food menu is perfectly placed to complement any food-inspired cocktails. The tasty honey glazed chorizo on flatbread with pickled red onions and Greek yoghurt is sure to find a perfect partner in crime on the cocktail list while the Gin cured Ora King salmon has plenty of wingmen available. The boneless wagyu rib with sourdough, crispy shallots and salsa verde will easily wash down with a mushroom-infused spirit should it make an appearance.

If your preferred way of getting your daily veg requirement isn’t within your cocktails, don’t despair because two of our favourites from 2018 are set to return with a difference. The coupled-up sexy summer cocktail Aperol Frosè is expected to grace many glasses this year, which isn’t surprising as refreshing Aperol Spritz and funky Frozen Rosémake a heavenly match. And speaking of marriages made in heaven, you can’t go past a Trinket favourite, the Bonny and Read. This sensational blend of Bati white rum, pineapple, coconut and lime has just one ingredient missing – the poolside lounge at a resort in the Maldives. Buy hey, you can always imagine…

While Trinket’s unique take on all the popular cocktails could easily be their best-kept secret, they are all about sharing – and not just on their tasty share plates. If you’re keen to brush up your skills and show that you can shake, not stir, with the best barmen – or at least your besties – then get along to one of Trinket’s private Spirit and Cocktail Masterclasses!

Select the ‘Make It’ class where you can watch and learn, and then create three classic cocktails of your choice followed by the best part… you drink them! Or take the ‘Sip It’ class and broaden your horizons with a spirit tasting session which is paired with three delicious dishes. Choose your preferred spirit from whisky, gin or vodka and have a heap of fun with your friends or colleagues as you discover the many varieties of your favourite spirit!

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