Travel Websites & Apps You Need in Your Life

Travel Websites & Apps You Need in Your Life

Webjet was so last year.

By Guest Styler | 2nd November 2016

Planning a holiday is no easy task. It’s hard enough finding flights that won’t cost an arm and a leg, never mind adding on accommodation, transport, super-fun activities and, of course, food and drinks.

To top it all off, the time spent researching can be overwhelming. Before you bang your head against the wall and decide to just camp in the backyard, check out the travel websites that will make your planning easy-peasy. You’ll be cruising into holiday mode in no time!



Have champagne taste on a wine budget? Don’t we all. But when you book with Roomer you can have champagne showers all week long! (That’s a metaphor. Calm down.)

Basically, Roomer offers super-cheap hotel rooms from people who had to cancel their trip – perfect if you’re after last-minute deals! All you have to do is enter your destination, the timeframe and number of people. Roomer will provide you with bookings in the area, as well as TripAdvisor reviews from previous guests. Once you book your room, Roomer will then transfer the booking into your name and notify you as soon as it’s complete.

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Luxury Link

Luxury accommodation at affordable prices?! YES, PLEASE. Dedicated to giving customers access to five-star boutique hotels and unheard-of getaways, Luxury Link is the one-stop shop for out-of-this-world experiences with substantial savings. From hotels perched on the Italian coast to a wild experience in South Africa’s Thanda Private Game Reserve, there is no shortage of destinations suited to your taste.

Hostel World

I recently booked a trip to South America and I cannot rate Hostel World highly enough. I know many people assume hostels will be filled with bed bugs, communal showers and cockroach-ridden floors, but it’s really not the case! Think private rooms and bathrooms, heated pools and large decks for socialising. No matter the destination, Hostel World will show you an abundance of different options, complete with tonnes of reviews about location, staff, food, and bedding. The price per night can be as little as $10!

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Last Minute

Comparing more than half a million different types of accommodation, Last Minute will have you sorted for those impromptu weekend getaways and spur-of-the-moment overseas trips. With a range of budget and luxury options available, you’ll always be pleasantly surprised. Best of all, if you find accommodation at a cheaper rate, Last Minute will match the price and give you $50 coupon! There really is nothing to lose.


This is the crème de la crème when it comes to planning your holiday of a lifetime. Just type in the destination you want to explore and BAM! The best hotel deals, restaurant reviews and attractions will be flooding your screen. You can also write a review after your stay, to give those planning a trip a helping hand.



Move over, Webjet! There’s a new flight planner in town. Comparing hundreds of airlines across endless routes, Skyscanner will ensure you get to your location for the cheapest rate possible. Whether you are planning a one-way, return or multi-stop trip, you’re guaranteed to save a lot of money.


Founded in Melbourne in 2007, this site has been rebuilt from scratch three times to ensure its customers have an elite experience. Showing the best flights from the around the world, Adioso also lets you watch prices of airfares. You set the price you’re after and Adioso will pop through an email when that flight and price is available. It also has a nifty wanderlust menu item, where you can explore incredible attractions you never would’ve thought of. From surf camps to the best wildlife experiences on earth, the options are endless.


Unlike other websites, Kayak doesn’t actually let you book flights through their site. Instead, they’re focused on bringing you the best travel sites and their offerings in one clear, easy-to-read display, where you can filter and compare results with a click of the mouse.

Their award-winning site will even let you explore different parts of the world based on your desires. Want amazing beaches or a romantic escape? Kayak will show you the best spots around the world. You can also learn some handy tips about how to book low airfares, and their site will price forecast to the time you’re planning to travel.

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Hipmunk will help you plan a holiday without going nuts. The insanely awesome search engine brings together an amazing list of affordable commercial flights, trains and charter flights to hotels and vacation rentals through Airbnb. Their blog, Tailwind by Hipmunk, is bursting with travel inspiration. If you don’t want to make an impulse trip after reading it, there is something seriously wrong with you.

Formerly known as Skypicker, flights are (on average) 28 per cent cheaper than their competition. On some flights, you can save up to 90 per cent! Featuring more than 600 airlines on the one site, you can book connecting flights with airlines that don’t normally cooperate with each other. This allows you to view copious amounts of low-cost connecting flights for wherever you want to go. And you can rest assured their cheap fares don’t skimp on safety, with their airlines having met all safety regulations. Having issues with the page? Their 24/7 support team is on-hand to help with any questions.



This site can be likened to Pinterest for travellers, and I freaking LOVE it! Fantastic for uncovering hidden sites around the world, Townske is all about people sharing their experiences. Whether they’re locals or just stopping by for a few days, you can read thousands upon thousands of articles about where to eat, what to do and what not to do. It’s definitely a great resource in the primary research stage of your holiday planning.

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If you’re planning a trip to America, then Eater is going to be your new best friend. Dedicated to reviewing all dining and drinking spots in the US, Eater is what I would call a foodie’s dream. Simply type in what you’re after, in the area you want, and suggestions will come pouring in along with honest reviews.


This is your one-stop website for booking meals overseas. Forget about battling the crowds to find a meal; instead, why not go to a chef’s humble abode? All you have to do is browse a variety of menus in every cuisine under the sun, book a seat with your chef who is set to wine and dine you, and enjoy the culinary experience while meeting plenty of likeminded people.

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Spotted by Locals

You know when you’re exploring a city, and you realise you’re surrounded by tourists? You’re filled with an intense desire to go where the locals are, experience what they do, eat where they eat. Well, Spotted by Locals is an app dedicated to uncovering local treasures with more than 66 original city guides. The website is written by locals who speak the language and only write about their favourite local places. And you can actually meet up with the Spotter who wrote the guide once you’re in the city!


Everything you need to know about the snow is in one location. Founded by three ski veterans (who have been to a combined 500 ski resorts in 22 different countries), Welove2ski will give you in-depth reviews on multiple ski resorts. It also provides a wide range of deals from family-friendly slopes to back-country adventures.


Ranked one of America’s fastest growing online reservation companies for tours and getaways, Zozi will help you plan activities for your holiday in more than 90 countries. It’s super easy to use; all you have to do is categorise your activities by the style (active, educational, relaxing or social), social type (private, guided, small group, etc.) and the price you want, and you will be hard-pressed to choose just one location. I’m definitely eyeing off the eight-day Essential Morocco Tour. Exploring the Merzouga sand dunes by camel? Um, YES!

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