Hands up if you’ve tried organising a bunch of friends for a weekend away? If you’re the chief organiser in your group, you’ll know what a tough job it is to decide on a venue & budget that suits everyone. It’s worth a little planning to spend quality time with your friends.

Here are our 8 tips for organising a girls’ getaway in style!

1.    Choose your crew

This sounds obvious, but choosing the right mix of personalities is an important factor for a harmonious weekend getaway.  We’ve all seen Big Brother – too many big personalities won’t work, you want a blend which will work harmoniously for a fun & respectful break that doesn’t end in tears.

2.    Commit to a date and plan

Send a proper invite with set dates and details, or set up a Facebook group to keep all the information together. If you keep it vague (“Hey, was thinking of going to Noosa in May, who wants to come?”) the response will be equally vague.

3.    Find the perfect accommodation

Choosing a holiday house over a hotel room will make a huge difference to your getaway experience. By having everyone under the one roof, creates a fun atmosphere and shares the cost rather than each person getting a hotel room. Make sure there is a decent kitchen, a deck to slouch around on and plenty of living quarters if people need to find a quiet corner. Some great options to check out are: Vantage over Byron, Byron Bay – with wow factor glass lift, 5 stylish bedrooms & infinity edge pool, Noosa Parade 70, Noosa – 5 bedrooms with private pool, alfresco seating with cushions for days La Maison Pacifique, Casuarina – 5 bedrooms, private plunge pool, fireplace for winter and direct beach access or check out these girls’ getaways from alluxia.com for some inspiring ideas.

4.    Plan…but not too much

If you’re going out for dinner, make your reservations and scope out the nightlife in advance, so you’re not all traipsing around and wasting precious dancing and drinking time. Plan some daytime activities such as a masseuse or yoga instructor to visit the house. In Noosa, we recommend Balance Noosa and in Byron Bay try Byron Bay Massage. Don’t over plan, the best weekends away are the restful ones, when you can just relax and connect with your friends…usually over a cocktail!

5.    Settle on sleeping arrangements

If you opt to rent a holiday house, work out who’ll be sleep where before you go. If there is a master bedroom, perhaps reward the organiser or birthday girl for example. Don’t do first-come-first-served as it may annoy people. If there is a snorer, restless sleeper or late night TV watcher, discuss how to comfortably cater to everyone’s quirks.

6.    Food, glorious food

You’ll want to organise some delicious food for your group.  If you’re all escaping the city on a Friday afternoon, inevitably someone will be late. Don’t sweat it and organise catering for a girls’ night in for the first night so it doesn’t matter what time everyone turns up.  Platters of antipasto and canapés are great for sharing with friends over a bottle (or two) of Champagne!  In Noosa, we recommend Belmondos for great, delicious quality canapés that won’t break the budget. Keep costs down by cooking breakfast at the house & create a roster for each meal so everyone knows what they are responsible for and everyone chips in to help.

7.    Keep the financials easy

Decide on a budget and ask everyone to pay for the accommodation in advance to gain commitment, otherwise even your best friend is likely to leave you high and dry.  For everything else, pay the lot and then divvy it up in one go at the end.

8. Break from technology

This might be a tough one, but agree to limit phoning, texting, emailing and social media.  Work can wait; your family know how to get in touch with you if any emergency arises so focus on being present for one another.  You can always post that selfie later to remember the memories.

Finally, there is an unwritten rule about girls’ getaways. What happens on tour, stays on tour – enjoy!