We Review The Stunning Hotel That Took 10 Years To Build In Vietnam

We Review The Stunning Hotel That Took 10 Years To Build In Vietnam

Get to know the charm of ‘Nam.

By Paul Johnston | 15th August 2019

Style’s General Manager, Paul Johnston, recently swapped Brisbane’s winter for Vietnam’s warm weather and even warmer culture at The Reverie Saigon Enjoy the read by our GM!

Arriving at Ho Chi Minh City’s airport is a chaotic whirl and culture shock. The accustomed humidity of Brisbane is nothing compared to what hits us immediately as we step off the plane. It’s 7am and the city is already pulsating with people, and most notably, motorbikes. There are almost as many bikes as people in this city of 8.6 million and we’re ready to be hauled along for the ride.

Driving from the airport to the hotel we’re hit with a dizzying attack on the senses. It’s not just the sight of the motorbikes, but the sounds of horns, wave of sticky heat and most welcoming, the aromatic smells of Vietnamese street food. We arrive at The Reverie Saigon, located in the trendy District 1 area where we’re greeted in the local lingo, “xin chao” (pronounced zeen chow).

The Reverie Saigon opened four years ago after taking ten years to build and it now offers an exclusive 60-foot Monte Carlo yacht for day trips on the Saigon River. And that’s only the beginning of the chic features offered by the hotel. The décor is something else with intricate interior details featured throughout. Wherever you walk you’re greeted with a visual feast from the floors to the ceilings, to the walls and even the furniture.

Hotel Manager, Christina Von Wrede, gives us a full tour and we stride into the all-day dining room of Café Cardinal where we’re blown away by the floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the swimming pool and a French-inspired promenade. It’s not hard to see why The Reverie Saigon has been so well awarded, having won the 2017 Conde Nast Traveler number one spot for The Top Hotels in Asia.

Each glorious morning started at Café Cardinal, with breakfast bursting with local flavour from wok-fried lobster with black peppercorn and options a little closer to home such as buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup. Champagne was also offered, and we thought it rude to decline. The indulgent visit wasn’t complete without stopping by the highly anticipated hotel spa where every ounce of stress and worry was melted away during a 90-minute Classic Vietnamese massage.

See spaces you’ve never seen before paired with absolute superfluity, a stay at the Reverie Saigon is a true experience of luxury combined with the warmth and quintessential Vietnamese hospitality.

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