If you’re between the ages of 18 and 31, the likelihood is that you (or someone you know) may be heading off to the slopes for the snow season. Before you start bragging about packing your board bags, taking the obligatory picture out of the airplane window and shredding more pow than your cousin’s second-hand boots can handle, let me just say one thing…


Mostly because I’m green with envy. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to help out all you bright-eyed, bobble-beanied season-goers. After all, I was you once, too.

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Maybe the most valuable thing I could tell you is about what you should and shouldn’t pack. But that’s boring and sometimes you need to learn it for yourself. So here’s a fun list of snow season slang instead! And yes, you actually will need to know these sayings. Trust me, the locals know a Jerry when they see one.

Pow or Pow Pow
Probably the term that’s most commonly used. We’re just talking about fresh, powdery snow here, guys.

Just search Instagram for @jerryoftheday and you’ll get the idea pretty quickly, and have a few lols too. Top tip: don’t be a Jerry.

Send it
Relating to riding and/or drinking. “Sending” something means to go big. Example: “He really sent it off that jump” or “We’re going to send it at the pub tonight.” Sometimes you’ll come out of a send unscathed, sometimes you won’t, but no matter what, it always demands respect.

Yard Sale
When a skier bites pow so hard that their poles, skis, goggles and everything else go flying, creating a yard sale effect.

Image: Giphy

Image: Giphy

The brain-freezing gap between one’s goggles and one’s helmet. Most commonly seen on a Jerry.

When the snow is coming down hard, fast and fluffy. Definitely what you want, especially if it’s the night before your day off. Top tip: go to bed early for once, kids!

A man-made jump with the sole purpose of sending you vertical. Beginners should approach with caution.

A combination of the words “stylish” and “easy”. Used to describe someone with ultimate slope-side style. “That guy in the park has some serious steeze.”

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

Stacking so hard that you effectively cartwheel down the slopes without stopping.

Stacking so hard that you effectively touch your head with the back of your snowboard.

Fresh Tracks
Finding a pillowy patch of deep, unspoiled, untracked pow and carving your way through unhindered by the lines of other riders. It feels like flying. Caution: You WILL get addicted.

Image: Pinterest

Image: Pinterest

The Liftie Challenge
Rules vary from mountain to mountain but usually involves the lifts and alcohol. Highly frowned-upon by responsible adults and resort officials. Disclaimer: undertaking the Liftie Challenge is NOT a smart idea, but you’ll probably do it anyway.

Put down the toast; this is a snowboarding term referring to a host of super steezy ground tricks performed by pressing and spinning.

Hand Grenade
Let’s just say that if someone offers to buy you one at the bar, be very, very afraid.

So there you have it. I hope you have a season full of powder dumps, fresh tracks and steezy butters with a wicked crew that includes at least one Jerry so you can laugh when he sends it off a kicker only to tomahawk into a massive yard sale. Avoid the gape, the Liftie Challenge and try not to scorpion – it REALLY hurts. Leave your expectations at home and buckle in for the wildest, raddest time of your life.

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