Are you in need of a holiday already? We may only be a quarter through the year, but if you need something to keep up the motivation and have something on your radar to look forward to – an island escape is always a good idea to get you through the year!

It’s no secret Bali is the go-to holiday destination for us Aussies! Just about every second person you meet these days has travelled to Bali numerous times and can’t recommend it enough. Come on, admit it, we all know a Bali ‘know-it-all’ that goes their just about every weekend!

If you’re not sure where to stay, we give you a break down on where you need to eat, shop and stay in our ‘7 Insta-worthy Places You Must Visit In Bali’ article which you can check out here.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing holiday lounging around at the pool or on the beach, you’re an explorer that loves to hike and always up for an adventure or want a glamorous holiday with your best girlfriends that involves lots of cocktails, shopping and Insta-worthy cafes – Bali is the place for everyone!

And if you’re not a huge fan of flying, you’re in luck because the flight is only an easy 6-hours – 2 movies, a quick feed and a nap later and you’re there!

It’s that time again where Jetstar pulls out their game-changing sale! Time to message the group chat stat to see whose keen for a spontaneous holiday. With flights from only $179, it’s a no-brainer to debit card and lock in your flights.  Be quick, this is an opportunity you don’t wanna miss!