Hawaii Two Ways

Hawaii Two Ways


By Sophie Catsoulis & Tamika McInneny | 21st December 2016

Ah, Hawaii. An unspoilt paradise comprised of endless beaches and choice waves. What’s not to love? With such a glorious setting on offer, it’s no surprise that this is a perpetually popular destination with sun-loving tourists from all walks of life. Come holiday time, surfers, explorers, honeymooners and everyone in-between flocks to the big island.

Stylers Sophie and Tamika both recently indulged in summer getaways to this very spot. So if you’re a holiday‑seeker who refuses to settle for the traditional touristy trip, read on and discover two totally different (and equally incredible) ways to experience Hawaii that will keep even the most seasoned traveller on their toes.

Sophie: Romantic and Resort-style

My boyfriend Archie and I have both been crazy busy at work, so a week in Maui (and a big dose of fresh, salty air) was just what the doctor ordered. Dreaming of coral reefs and sunset cocktails, we set out in search of some much-needed serenity. Did we find it? Well, I’ll let you be the judge!

Accommodation: Marriott’s Maui Ocean Club.
Favourite 3 activities: Snorkelling with sea turtles, hiking along the coastline and relaxing by the pool.
Top tip: Forget charters and tours; take matters into your own hands and discover a hidden gem!
Rating: 10/10 – it’s the perfect place to unwind!


Tamika: Adventurous and Affordable

When flights went on sale, I booked a spontaneous week away with my friend Megan. We needed to escape the city and soak up the sun – and what better place to escape to than Hawaii? We lived for happy hour – hello, $5 Mai Tais! – and we made sure to visit all the best places to shop, eat and explore. The highlight was climbing all 3992 of the Haiku Stairs – I’m so glad I can tick that off my adventure bucket list!

Accommodation: Airbnb in the hub of Waikiki.
Favourite 3 activities: The Mayjah Rayjah music festival, conquering the Haiku Stairs and snorkelling at Hanauma Bay.
Top tip: Make friends with the locals – they have the best advice!
Rating: 10/10 – I can’t wait to venture back.



Are you in need of a bit of R&R? Why not make Hawaii the next item on your travel bucket list? Believe me, it’s worth your while!

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Article by Sophie Catsoulis & Tamika McInneny

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