The Ultimate Happy Campers Gift Guide

The Ultimate Happy Campers Gift Guide

Packing for camping can get in-tents (soz). But not anymore! These gifts ideas will make your next camping trip a breeze.

By Sarah Tayler | 14th December 2017

Like many Queenslanders, we can often be found sitting ‘round a campfire over the festive period, making the most of the glorious Aussie weather. With the looming deadline for gift ideas, the impending last-minute Christmas shopping, and a never-ending selection of camping goodies on offer, we have compiled a list of this seasons camping must-haves to make it easy for you. It’s like it was tent-to-be!

Boot organiser $20

If you are the sort of person that likes to buy presents for your family that are actually kind of for you as well, this is what you want. This handy boot organiser includes eleven side pockets and three separate sections to keep all your stuff in the right place. If you are fed up with only ever being able to find one shoe in the menagerie of camping gear piled up in your car, this will change your life! Never again will you be scrabbling around in the dark, delving into the mounds of other people’s belongings to find what you want.

Tent fan $44.99

When it is pushing 30°C, it can feel more like 50°C under the shelter of a sweaty two-person tent. Aside from pitching your tent in the shade or putting up a gazebo over the top to provide some protection from the sun, the absolute best present in the entire world is a tent fan. These battery-powered beauties hang from the roof of your tent and provide a cooling breeze with three different fan speeds, plus a handy built-in light with three brightness settings. We guarantee it will be the best present you give this year!

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Hurricane lantern $19.95

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t style it up. This season, forget messy mozzie coils and candles. Fill one of these babies with a kerosene/citronella mix and enjoy the warm glow of the lantern as you while the evening away, bug free. At less than $20 they make the perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift.

Exploding Kittens $28

After surfing all day or hiking through the bush, it’s time to take a load off and chillax for a minute or two. Card games and board games are a great way to pass the time with your family and friends while camping. If like us you can’t remember the rules of a card game for more than 30 seconds, this handy little game could be the end of awkward campfire silences and arguments over the rules of blackjack. Small and easy to tuck into your backpack, Exploding Kittens is a tactical card game suitable for adults and kids (7 and up) alike. Great for camping, and also as a post-lunch activity on Christmas Day too!

Umbrella hat $4.99

Ok, so they are not the most stylish. But you will be thanking us when you are stuck outside in the rain putting up your tent, or barbecuing the snags in the baking summer sun! These little beauties perch on your head keeping you nice and dry with both hands free to attend to your camping duties. #winning

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Wild swimming book $25.50

Gift your friends and fam a refreshing swim this Christmas! This handy guide is perfect for campers exploring along the NSW coast around Sydney as it lists 250 hidden gems for a quick dip on your camping trip. Sadly, there is no Brisbane version yet, but we are keeping our ear to the ground. In the meantime have a quick read of these nine secret swimming holes in Brisbane.

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Solar charging panel $179.98

For the off-the-beaten-track type of adventurer, this lightweight solar charger in a handy travel case will be at top of their Christmas list. Not only can it recharge your phone, tablet, or camera via the USB cable, but it can also recharge batteries for head torches and lamps. Perfect for multi-day hikes through the bush, or even just topping up your phone when you are camping at the beach.

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Camp cookbook $24.20

If you are tired of your fellow campers churning out ramen noodles every time it is their turn to cook, this camp cookbook is the best present you can give them (and yourself). With tips on how to shop, pack, prepare and cook for a camping trip, this book will turn even the worst offenders into Jamie Oliver in no time.

Solar shower $9.99

This is a perfect stocking stuffer for campers. Whether in a tent, camper trailer, or campervan, there is nothing better than the gift of a nice warm shower. The solar shower is made up of a black sack which you fill with water and pop on the dash while driving or leave out in the sun once at your camping spot. When it's nice and warm just hook it up from a tree and attach the small plastic hose for a rinse off. Simples.

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Article by Sarah Tayler

Sarah Tayler is the Sub Editor at Style Magazines. With a penchant for parmies, pinot gris and all things outdoors, Sarah can often be found hiking, biking or frolicking in the ocean. She loves exploring and has a terrible habit of booking international flights after a few too many vinos, much to her husband's despair.


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