The Hidden Gems Of Darwin The Tour Guides Won’t Show You

The Hidden Gems Of Darwin The Tour Guides Won’t Show You

Live life on the local side!

By Sierra Haigh | 26th November 2019

Who wouldn’t want a two or three-day tropical getaway? In case you have a few days to kill and a couple plane tickets laying around, we’ve got the perfect plan for you. Instead of dancing to the beat of a tourist site’s drum, it’s time to do Darwin the way the locals do. Grab your red-eye flight to the tip-top of Australia, and get ready to have a few days in the nation’s own tropical oasis!

Litchfield National Park

Most other big Aussie cities have beaches you can hit up on a hot day. Darwin, however, is well known for the crocodiles that roam the waters of its beaches, so it’s unsurprising locals have found alternatives and they come in an abundance. Litchfield National Park is easily the best part of Darwin. Teeming with wildlife and boasting picturesque views, any number of the waterfalls and rockholes can be your perfect place to cool down in the midst of the Darwin heat. Our top pick is the cascade falls; it’s a series of cascading pools, each a different depth and shape than the previous one. Sit under the lip of the neighbouring pool to let the water cool you off, or perch on one of the rocks further into the pool for a more relaxing visit.


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Mindil Beach Markets

Everybody loves a good market for dinner, and Darwin is no exception. What makes the Mindil Beach Markets stand out, though, is their proximity to the beach. Enjoy marketplace food such as crepes, curries, laksas, or even spiral potatoes, all while watching the sun set over the water. After dark, feast on an array of desserts and observe fire jugglers in action. One thing’s for certain though; you’ll never find a sunset quite like the burnt orange of a Darwin one.


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George Brown Darwin Botanical Gardens

Sometimes, a quiet walk through some stunning gardens is all you need, and Darwin’s botanical gardens are perfect for just that. Enjoy a small cut of paradise as you walk through the gardens, filled with native wildlife (yes, including the odd wallaby if it’s quiet enough). Don’t panic though! Most of the snakes you’ll see in the trees are decorative, so you won’t get any unwanted company. Delve deep enough into the gardens, and you’ll come across a lone tree-house. At the top (a few storeys later), take in a breathtaking birds’-eye-view of the gardens below.


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Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve

Get a hire-car and enjoy an early morning drive to the remote location of Fogg Dam, all so you can watch the sun rise over the marshes and mangroves of the reserve. From the safety of any of the lookout locations along the drive home, peek into the waters below and spot a croc. It’s an experience you just won’t get at the various wildlife parks throughout the city. Just be sure to keep all your fingers and toes out of the water!


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Fannie Bay Cool Spot

The best milkshakes in town are definitely from the Fannie Bay Cool Spot! Order a Snickers or Rocky Road milkshake and cool off in the coolest joint in the Territory. Add a meal to it as well, and you’ll be presented with the best feed you’ve had in a long time! Best of all, it’s only a five minute walk to Fannie Bay beach, so you can bring your drinks with you and walk along the cliff edges.


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Article by Sierra Haigh

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